E3 2018 – Microsoft Conference Summary

So we’ve had the first proper conference from EA yesterday, and we’ve just finished the second conference of E3 from TinyBuild who are new to the conference scene at E3. Now we’re onto the first of the big guns I’d say. It’s onto Microsoft.

Before the conference started, Phil Spencer was quoted saying that there would be 15 premiere trailers in this years Xbox conference. There seems to be a lot of pressure on Microsoft to deliver this year with the unfortunate negativity surrounding their first party attempts this year. Here’s how they responded.

We kicking things off with big bang as Halo is back with Halo Infinite. Master Chief is back on his greatest adventure yet to save humanity!

After some chat on stage from Phil Spencer where he says there will be 50 games shown including 18 exclusives, we jump in!

Ori and the will of the wisps is up first and it’s looking as stunning as ever with another incredible sound track.

Next up on the big screen we have a world premiere in the form of Sekiro Shadows Die Twice.

Todd Howard from Bethesda is on stage next announcing Fallout 4 is coming to Xbox Game Pass today. Plus he has a cheeky first look at Fallout 76 – it’s a prequel to all other Fallout games, 4 times the size of Fallout 4, set in West Virginia, lets take a look!

DONTNOD premiere up next with Captain Spirit coming June 26th for free!

Another Exclusive up next and it’s Crackdown 3 and it has Terry Crews in it which makes it GOTY surely!? Coming February 2019

Leaked just before the show we’ve now got confirmation that Neir Automata is coming to Xbox One with a very quick trailer and a date of 26th June 2018.

Metro Exodus is now being shown off and it’s looking pretty tasty. Releasing 22nd Feb 2019

It’s a strong start from Microsoft and a much better show so far than EA’s offering as Phil comes back on stage.

Big crowd reaction as Kingdom Hearts 3 is announced to be coming to Xbox One.

Another Exclusive now as Sea of Thieves take to the stage with a look of what’s to come in the Cursed Sails in July and Forsaken Shores in September.

The games keep on coming!

Another exclusive, it’s a racing game, yes it’s more Forza Horizon 4!

It’s set in Britain this time, it features dynamic seasons as you play and is a shared world game. We’re going to get a live gameplay demo. Don’t crash guys or you’ll end up in some kind of cringe compilation! It looks pretty damn stunning. It’s coming 2nd October 2019 and included in the Xbox Game Pass, the crowd liked that one!

Phil Spencer announces a new studio The Initiative to work on ground breaking new game. Undead Labs have also been added to Microsoft Studios along with Playground Games. Looks like they’ve been spending some monies! Ninja Theory have also been acquired – yea the guys who made Hellblade. One more studio to add with Compulsion Games.

Phil has been busy for sure!

Now we’re getting a look at Compulsion Games ‘We Happy Few’ releasing 10th August 2018

You want more? Well there’s more. PUBG trailer incoming!

Another World Premiere trailer now with Tales of Versperia.

Another World Premiere and it’s The Division 2 and it will be set in Washington DC, just like was rumoured

We’re going to get some gameplay from the game now, so prepare yourself for over the top comms.

More info on Xbox Game Pass as Ashley Speicher takes the stage.

  • Over 100 games to play
  • Something called Fast Start introduced, I’m not entirely sure what it is though…
  • New exclusives like Forza Horizon 4 and Crackdown 3 will hit the game pass on launch day
  • The Division, Elder Scrolls Online and Fallout 4 all added to the game pass today

I don’t really see how you can knock the Game Pass, it’s great value for money!

Time for some Indie games with ID@Xbox now and there are lots of them!

Lara Croft is back, I mean, we knew that already, but she’s back again today at E3 with Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

Another exclusive now and it’s a skate game called Session, I think it was on Kickstarter not long back.

More games with a fantastical looking Black Desert.

Another World Premiere- they did say there would be a lot. DMC is back! It’s Devil May Cry 5.

Another exclusive now and it’s a brand new Isle to Cuphead – The Delicious Last Course.

More exclusives coming your way, wow this is crazy. It’s Tunic, which we have seen before and it looks fantastic.

Just an FYI, the rest of the trailer will be World Premiere trailers, so I don’t need to say that anymore.

First up Bandi Namco with Jump Force.

Now we have Dying Light 2

We’re also getting to see a bit of gameplay from the game too, neato!

An exclusive game now, Battletoads is back baby!

Just Cause 4 is happening, just like we thought.

Gears of War is also back as… Gears Pop?

Another Gears game is coming too called Gears Tactics, looks and sounds a bit like X-COM.

Gears 5 is in the making too! Lots of Gears news today. Gameplay time woop!

Just to finish off the show gets hacked and we get Cyberpunk 2077 World Premiere.

And that is a wrap, needless to say it blew EA out of the water. So many good games shown the next 12 months or so are looking impressive!
























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