E3 2018 – Bethesda Conference Summary

Bethesda have generously moved their conference a little earlier for us Brits this year. It is still ridiculous o clock in the morning however. This year unfortunate leaks for Rage 2 meant Bethesda confirmed the existence of the game perhaps earlier than they would have liked too, and the week prior to E3 they also revealed Fallout 76, so do Bethesda have any surprises left to show at their conference? Here’s what they brought to their conference.

The show begins with a slide saying simply “This is Bethesda” and then a montage video of who I assume are Bethesda staff members living their every day lives then getting into their various offices around the world.

Pete Hines is introduced to the stage after that family montage video. The theme this year is ‘create’.

We’re starting with a game that we announced a few weeks ago from our friends at Walmart Canada, nice to see them take the joke in it’s stride.

It’s Rage 2, but first, we get Andrew WK performing. When he’s finally finished we get the creators of Rage on stage who also then delay in showing us any game-play. So far, this was not worth staying up for.

You play as a Walker, the last ranger in the wasteland. Finally we get to see an extended look at the game and our first game of the show (13 minutes after the show started).

Fortunately when the talking is said and done, the game-play shown of RAGE2 actually looks pretty good fun. The open world looks like it’ll be fun to explore and the pace of the shooting is fast and frantic. It’ll be releasing in Spring 2019.

Next up Christian Van Hoose is up on stage discussing Elder Scrolls Legends. Poor guy has to try and sell an Elder Scrolls card game after that mental RAGE2 feature.

Matt Firor the game director for Elder Scrolls Online is up next. He discusses the latest chapter released for Elder Scrolls Online, Summerset. The next DLC is called Wolfhunter based on Werewolves. There is a story-line DLC out later in the year too about the Argonians. He leaves the stage with a trailer of Elder Scrolls Online.

Next up it jumps straight into a trailer for what looks like DOOM 2. It is DOOM. It’s called DOOM Eternal.

The Quake logo flashes on screen and then a spotlight hits the stage to highlight onto Joshua Boyle who is the community manager for Quake Champions. Quake Champions is opening early with F2P access this week as a trial.

After the Quake trailer ends we’re straight into another brief trailer and pre-recorded video of Preys Developers who are adding free updates to the game. New Game plus and Survival mode is going to be added. And a new DLC called Moon Crash is available now.

There is another mode called Typhon Hunter that is like a game of hide and seek. Thinking kind of like prop hunt from Call of Duty WW2.

Jens Matthies and Jerk Gustafsson are on the stage next discussing Wolfenstein 2. Wolfenstein 2 will be on Nintendo Switch at the end of June.

A new game is announced that is set in Paris 1980, it features BJ BLazkowicz twin daughters and is called Wolfenstein: Young Blood. It’s a co-op game but can also be played solo. Onto a trailer for it.

Pete Hines is back on the stage and begins discussing VR, he says that 2 of the games we’ve seen will have a VR Mode. The Prey Typhon Hunter will be VR and a new Wolfenstein game called Cyberpilot is also a VR game.

There’s no look at the new game, we’re onto a look at Fallout 76 now, Pete Hines introduces Todd Howard to the stage, before he talks Fallout though he addresses the ongoing meme of what platform Skyrim can play on next and it goes further as a video plays with shouting commands at Alexa, Samsung smart fridges, Motorolla pagers and etcher sketchers.

After the Skyrim mocking, we’re shown the trailer for Fallout 76 that we saw at the Microsoft Conference earlier.


Vault 76 was one of the very first vaults built. You play as one of the very special few to spend 25 years underground awaiting for the day the vault opens.

16 times the detail of Fallout 4. You are sent through 6 distinct regions in West Virginia. There are plenty of new weird and wonderful enemies.

Fallout 76 is entirely online

You can play the game solo however. You can explore the world and story alone and solo.

There is a large construction element to the game, focusing on settlements and base building.

There are multiple nuclear missile sites on the map, the players can do what they choose with them.

There is going to be a BETA. Break-it Early Test Application.

A special edition is revealed that has a map that “glows in the fucking dark”. It comes with figures and a special collectable Fallout helmet. It’s called the Power Armour Edition.

It comes out 14th November 2018


Fallout shelter is coming to PS4 and Nintendo Switch. They release tonight.

They have more ambitious ideas for mobile gaming. They announce Elder Scrolls Blades for mobile. It’s also going to be coming to PC, Consoles and VR. Its coming out this fall for free. It’s available to pre-order tonight.

They have also been working on a brand new next generation single player game. It’s a brand new franchise, their first new single player franchise in 25 years (apparently). It’s called Starfield.

They’re not finished, they’re working on another game too. It’s the one we’ve been constantly asking about. It’s the new Elder Scrolls game. Elder Scrolls VI. There isn’t much shown, but it’s enough to get the crowd hyped.

– Murr




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