Geekly Review #240

The sun is still beaming down on us with a heat that will make most people never want to play games, but I’m still going strong!

Diablo 3

The Steam Summer Sale has been and gone, and to be honest I was a little underwhelmed by it, but that seems to be a trend recently – mainly because I’ve already got the games I want. But still I feel this need to buy a game and for so long I’ve been pondering whether to buy Diablo 3. I’m super late to the party with this one but I’m glad I finally arrived.

About two years ago I wrote about not being able to complete single player games anymore and that is still some what true. I find myself only really sticking to shorter games that can be completed in about 5 hours. But something has changed this past weekend with Diablo 3, I’ve played it non stop all weekend, and it’s been fantastic! Ok, I haven’t actually completed it yet but I’ve been going through the story at what feels like breakneck speed and it’s because there is no fluff around the game, no side quests, no need to grind for anything. It’s just action and and a great story to go with it.

Diablo III Screenshot 2018.07.07 -

My little Wizard with her Mercy wings!


I started playing Diablo 3 ages ago because you can play for a certain amount of time for free and at that point I was playing as Monk, but I restarted the game and decided on a Wizard and she has been a blast to play, quite literally! The combat is satisfying, the leveling up is pretty frequent – I’m about level 45 now, and gives you quite a lot of options to choose from the change the way you fight, and it still looks great even though it released 6 years ago!

One thing that has really helped me with pushing through the story is not only the fact that there are no lulls in the gameplay but the fact that’s it’s not that hard even though I’m playing on hard difficulty. I know some people like a challenge when playing, and so do I at times. But the fact that I can pretty much one shot most enemies is super satisfying and hasn’t left me with any frustrating moments and whilst all the bosses have been interesting I’ve never been stuck on them. It’s just been fun the whole time and that’s something that I’ve missed from longer games, something that has worn off at times.


There are some cool bosses to fight!

It’s kind of made me reflect a little bit on the larger more open world RPG’s like the Witcher 3 – a game I haven’t finished. Sure it’s an amazing game, but there is so much you can do that at times it just feels like too much to the point of being overwhelmed and not knowing what to focus on so you procrastinate playing Gwent – at least I do anyway. Maybe we should have a few more RPG’s go back to being a bit more linear like Diablo 3, after all, just being a big world doens’t make it a good game.

I’ve had an amazing time smashing my way through the game and I can’t wait to hit max level so I can start playing some of the end game content with my friends!


Warframe is a game I’ve dipped in and out of a few times, I’ve always enjoyed the combat and gameplay but have been left confused by the mountain of resources and items to collect and the grind of it all. The last time I played was when the plains of eidolon released, I wanted to see what it was like. I quickly discovered that I wasn’t high enough level to be there and got destroyed by even the smallest of creatures. So I stopped playing feeling like it would take too long to get to the point at which I could freely explore this new expansion.

But over the weekend we had TennoCon and two new expansions were announced. Quite frankly they got me kind of excited – and for someone who doesn’t really play it, that’s saying something.

The first expansion ‘Fortuna’ adds a new planet – Venus to play on among lots of other new bits and bobs – it looks really nice! The second expansion called Railjack adds space combat and this was got me really interested. Multi crew ships, that you can board, or jump out of to board other ships looked really cool.

Anyway there was a really good video showing it all off and I just wanted to share it with you!


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