Geekly Review #256

Before we get in to the games, I just want say a massive congratulations to both Murr and his wife Heather for having their first baby!

Yes, I’ve still been playing a lot of Red Dead Redemption 2, but everyone is talking about that so I wanted to talk about a few other games I’ve been playing.

The Colonists

The Colonists is a relaxing city building game where you take control of a group of robots who have escaped from earth in search of a new galaxy to call home. You will need to use your self replicating robots to gather resources and build up your city. 

The game has a charming look and feel to it, with bright colourful surroundings and a cheery soundtrack. It all helps to paint a nice picture of a relaxing game. But there is some depth to it, with the ability to discover new technologies.

For the most part the game is all about creating in peace, but there is also the option to go up against AI in a competitive city building mode. 

I haven’t had the time to fully explore all the game has to offer, but what I’ve seen so far I really like. If you’re looking for something casual to play that will be a nice chilled experience and like a city builder then I think The Colonists is worth a look!

Find the game on Green Man Gaming

Deliver us the Moon: Fortuna

Set in the near future, earth resources have dried up. In an effort to save humanity the World Space Agency found a resource that could save the planet and it’s on the moon. The moon was colonised and for a while everything seemed ok. Bu then all communication with the moon was lost. This is where we come in! We must go to the moon find out what happened and basically try to save the entire human race – not a big task for one person…. 

The game has a strong opening I think, the moments that build up to you taking off from earth. It has some decent story telling going on and sets a good tone for the game. From here I personally think it’s only got better – although it should be noted I haven’t completed it yet. 

For the most part you will be floating around the space station above and on the moon solving puzzles and trying to uncover what has happened to the people who were on the moon – they’ve all disappeared. It’s not a horror game though, if you were wondering. I know the premise of “people missing on space station” sounds like the start of a horror game, but it’s not. In fact despite having limited oxygen for certain periods I actually find it quite relaxing. Maybe it’s the quiet of space that makes it seem like that…

If you’ve played Tacoma, you will kind get what the game is like. You have find audio logs and records of conversations and they will help piece together the overall story. It’s been a really good game so far. 

Come back later if you want to check out the full review. 

Check it out on Steam


Survival games are pretty much my bread and butter, I love them. SCUM is no different, sure the game is a bit buggy here and there but I still have a lot of fun playing it. I’ve put together a new video of some recent sessions. Check it out! 


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