Geekly Review #260

It’s December, therefore we are officially in Christmas month! Woo

Energy Cycle Edge

So I’ve been off work for a whole month spending time bonding with my new born son. I absolutely loved the time off with him and my wife. However sadly I shall be back to work as of today. The good part though, is only for 9 actual work days then I’ll be off again for the Christmas, Hurrah! But I sidetracked a tad.

While I’ve been off I’ve been trying to maintain as close to a regular sleep pattern as you can, so therefore have been waking up at 5:45am as per my work alarm clock. As I’ve not been in work I’ve simply taken my boy downstairs to allow my wife to get some sleep and we’ve played video games from that time for as-long as he allows me to without complaints.

One of the games that we recently reviewed is Energy Cycle Edge. It’s a puzzle game in which you need to turn the whole of the puzzle grid into one colour by selecting cells and pressing them to change their colour. The catch is that when changing a cell, any other cells adjacent to it also change colour, so it becomes really quite tricky. Now I’ll admit I did not go on to complete all 44 puzzles in the game. But I did have a crack at a fair few, and after a few hours playing decided that this sadly isn’t for me and went back to Red Dead Redemption 2. If what I’ve mentioned about the game (as I realise I typed more about my boy and time off work than the game itself) sounds of interest to you, you can check out our review published here.

Rapture Rejects

Can you believe it? I actually played a PC Game, and not just any genre PC Game… a Battle Royal game. What is going on?

Yep, Tiny Build gifted us some codes for Rapture Rejects on Steam Early access. I’ve not put the time into it that I have in my console games, but I can say that I did put a few hours into the game and had a rather good time. 

It takes Battle Royal genre on from a very different and comical approach which is to be expected as it’s based on the rather funny Cyanide and Happiness comics. While I’m sure you are familiar with how Battle Royal is played, Rapture Rejects takes the genre on from a top down isometric approach. It takes place in a post apocalyptic world in which the Rapture event has occurred. All that are left are those that were not fortunate enough to be called on, so must battle to the death with the winner receiving the price of entering the rapture.

It’s definitely caught my attention, and dare I say it, could be a PC game I might venture back onto more that’s not Football Manager.

Red Dead Redemption 2

After a month off work and honestly not a clue how many hours, I completed Red Dead Redemption 2. The story anyway. I’ve mentioned a few times in previous Geekly Reviews that I actually found it took a while to warm up with the story and found it peculiar to still be in some form of tutorial missions way into chapter 3. But the game certainly does pick up and there are some pretty incredible moments from there on. Chapter 4 was nuts, chapter 5 was just unexpected. 

I have to say that I also really enjoyed playing through the epilogue too. It was really rather peaceful for the most part after how the story had ramped up.

And without spoilers I enjoyed going back and visiting people that Arthur had met throughout the story such as Charlotte all the way up in the sticks on her own, and Rain Falls in Annesbury Train station.

I really do hope that Rockstar spoil us with a remaster of Red Dead Redemption 1 now, given the assets that they’ve created for this game, you’d think that maybe its not an impossibility.

– Murr

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