The Game Awards 2018 – The Reveals

Usually this time of the year I’d be as excited for Sony’s PSX event as I would be for Christmas, but alas, this year Sony have opted to now host their annual event. With Microsoft’s X018 event not being all that enthralling either it’s up to The Video Game Awards reveals to give us our winter hype. This year there were an expected 10 world premiere reveals with plenty of hot rumours doing the round up in the weeks prior to the event. Well rumours aside, here is what was revealed with new games and new trailers for already announced games below:

The first world premier came during the Pre-Show for Nintendo Switch:


Next is a new game from 505Games: Journey to Savage The Planet.

Next is a trailer for The Stanley Parable for consoles. It’ll contain new endings and new content.

Next trailer looks like a game right up my alley called Among Trees.

Next world premier is for switch. The Marvel logo pops up. The Guardians of the Galaxy appear on screen, The Iron Man, The Spider-Man, then Wolverine. Is this the Avengers game from Square-Enix? Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 – Exclusive to Switch. WOW, More surprising, it’s from Team Ninja.

The next premier is DLC for Rocket League, it’s a McLaren 570s. Quite a partnership. It’s out tonight.

Next up it’s the next chapter of Far Cry. Although, woah talk about giving spoilers. Far Cry New Dawn is shown. Coming February 15th

No time for breath onto our next world premier. It’s from Super Giant Games. Hades.

Our next trailer is from Panache Games. It’s game play for Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey

The trailers are coming fast. From Midwinter. It’s called Scavengers. Midwinter is made up of 20 people with developers who worked on Battlefield and Halo.

Onto our next trailer for Warframe for Nintendo Switch

Dead by Daylight is getting dedicated servers, and a trailer for the latest update, darkness among us.

We get another look at Anthem next.

Up next Geoff brings Crash Bandicoot to the stage with a crate on stage. A world premier for Crash Team Racing is next. June 21st 2019.

Wow, what next? It’s called The Outer Worlds from Obsidian Games:

No time wasting, onto our next trailer. It’s called Dauntless

Moving onto the next trailer. It’s from Hello Games, and called The Last Campfire.

Our next premier, Winter has arrived to PUBG, with a new map. It’s a snow map, it leaves footprints so you can track or be tracked. There is a snow mobile for moving around the map. It’ll be on Steam tonight for testing, and hitting PS4 and Xbox One in January.

Moving on, We get to see a new game from ARK developers. Atlas a new open world mmo survival game. Atlas will hit Xbox next year.

Still moving quickly onto new trailers, next one is from BioWare. It looks like Dragon Age 4. The Dread Wolf Rises

Moving onto our next trailer. From the creators of Abzu. It’s called The Pathless

Surprise announcement for Stranger Things video game is revealed. Stranger Things 3.

Next up another rumoured / leaked game. Mortal Kombat 11. Coming April 23rd

Next up Psychonauts 2 trailer.

Onto the next trailer it’s Devil May Cry 5, as leaked hours before the show, there’s a demo tomorrow exclusively for Xbox One.

Next up is a trailer for season 7 of Fortnite and a trailer for ‘The Block’ which is a new creative mode for Fortnite.


Next up a new look at Rage 2

Moving onto the next trailer. It’s the first DLC pack for Smash Bros. Joker from Persona 5 is the first to come to Smash Bros.


And that wraps up the announcements, premiers and trailers. A long show, but it did provide some awesome moments.

– Murr

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