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FM14 #3: The Season Review

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  1. Pass The Pad says:

    Good read, and good to hear you bounced straight back to the Champ!
    Any chance you can get Vellios back for next season?
    What’s the hope, just avoid relegation?

    1. geeksrr says:

      I’m going to aim for a mid table finish, I think we can achieve it. Plus I’ve been given a pretty decent amount of money to spend, so think I can strengthen pretty well.

      – Will

  2. Pass The Pad says:

    Oh, and thanks very much for the link (very rude not to put that in the first comment!)!

  3. Emil says:

    This is great! I just started one with Sportsvereinung Reid in the Austrian Premiership – I really like playing with with unknown or lower tier teams.. This is such a good idea! Maybe I should give it a go….? But keep it coming, I’m looking forward to reading on.

    1. geeksrr says:

      Thanks for reading.
      If you do one to, I will certainly read it.

      – Will

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