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  1. Jethro says:

    I found that Frank Miller’s Dark Knight returns and the Dark Knight strikes again are 2 fantastic books that don’t require you to be heavily invested in the characters outside of knowing the basic batman archetype and story, similarly Batman Year One and The Killing Joke.

    Marvel civil war isn’t as accessible as the frank miller graphic novels but it’s great to see all the heroes together and there is a great inclusive story there including all the most popular Marvel Heroes. The Watchmen graphic novel is a classic and the film differs enough in structure and direction. If you wanted to give Super Heroes a go these would be the least intimidating start that I can imagine.

    I haven’t really read much outside of the hero genre other than the walking dead, and this seems interesting, I will pick it up if I get the opportunity. also totally didn’t realise you were doing a blog, I read through most of the posts, good stuff! have followed on twitter.

    1. willgsrr says:

      Thanks for the reply dude. Yea I was thinking of picking up watchmen. I’ve asked for a fair few for Christmas so will see what I get from that.

  2. MikeyB says:

    If you’ve not tried them yet, also worth working through Sandman and the Lucifer spinoff ones, excellent examples of comics exceeding the general population’s perception of what a modern ‘adult comic’ stands for

    1. willgsrr says:

      Sandman is on the Christmas list!

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