Xbox One: Game with Gold, No Kinect, No pay wall

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  1. Murr_GSRR says:

    I was one of the numerous people to say that a Kinnectless bundle would be a much more appealing sale to me. And that remains true I’m a lot more interested in this now. But fanboys gunna fanboy… And I’ve got my next excuse ready 😉 Drop the price a little more.

    It’s amusing how this console which was best experienced with Kinnect has had to make another 180, but this one is definitely going to help.

    I can see this bundle doing incredibly well over the winter holidays when the annual franchises such as COD and FIFA release.

    I must say though a surprise to see them release this info prior to E3. This could have been one of those megatons at E3 which they then say directly after “launching right after this conference”. I assume this can only mean big things are in line for Microsofts conference!

    1. willgsrr says:

      Like I said, I think it will quickly become cheaper. You can already get bundles for £350 in places. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it for £320 soon.

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