X018 – Summary

For the earlier part of the 2000’s, Microsoft held an annual trade show, to generate interest for the companies first foray into the video-game world with the original Xbox. Dubbed as “X” or “X0. where the last number of the year followed the zero, the first show was held in France and introduced us to lots of new games and projects, some of which would eventually become well renowned series such as Fable, Project Gotham Racing and Halo: Combat Evolved.

More famous X0 shows to look back on is the show that took place in 2010, where the much anticipated and long awaited Final Fantasy XIII made it’s arrival to Xbox 360, as well as other titles such as Toy Soldiers, Game Room for the Xbox Avatars and Fable III.

Well in 2018, X0 is back and it’s taking place in Mexico City. With Sony taking a break from their yearly PSX event, attention is now focused on Microsoft and what they’ll showcase at their X018 event. New games, new console features and maybe new hardware? Here’s what was on show at X018.

So we head into announcement number 1. PUBG is going onto Xbox Gamepass in 2 days time (12th November).

Starting today, new Gamepass users can get the first moth for $1.

Our first new reveal. A game that will be on game pass when it launches. It’s a Console Launch Exclusive. Void Bastards. Coming in 2019.

Next up an advert for Crackdown 3. February 15th 2019, will be part of Xbox Gamepass.

Wrecking Zone is announced, which is the multiplayer mode of Crackdown 3.

Crackdown 1 is free to download from now till 30th November.

It appears that there is an intermission and during this we get trailers for NBA Playgrounds 2 and Battlefield V.

It’s over to Phil Spencer now. They spend a lot of time discussing Mexico and the Mexican fans. A few positive PR spins such as the adaptive controller (which is awesome) being released in new markets and the progression of Gamepass and the question of is this the future?

Phil discusses Hellblade and reminds us it’s getting a physical release in December.

Next up it’s Kingdom Hearts 3 new trailer.

Shinji Hashimoto is on the stage discussing the mini games in the game and the worlds that are created for the game such as the Pirates of the Caribbean and San Fransisco for Big Hero Six. We hear how Kingdom Hearts came to be from Hashimoto. 20 years ago Square were in the same office as Disney. A producer at Disney reached out to Square in an elevator and pitched the idea. A few days later a proper meeting was setup and Kingdom Hearts was born.

Hashimoto then addresses he’d like to speak about Final Fantasy. Final Fantasy 13, 13-2 and Lightning Returns will be on Xbox Backwards compatibility next week. World of Final Fantasy launched recently onto Xbox. FF7, 9, X & X2 will launch on Xbox next year. Hashimoto then asks to take a selfie with the fans and records them.

Onto more game pass announcements. Ori and the Blind Forest, Ori and the Will of the wisps and Thief of Thieves which is based on a Robert Kirkman comic are coming to Xbox Game-pass. Will of the Wisps is out in 2019. Thief of Thieves is out today.

Next up is a trailer for Sea of Thieves The Arena coming 2019. Rare are on the stage after to discuss what Sea of Thieves is.

We get a trailer for the upcoming fighter Jump Force, the anime cross over game from Bandai Namco featuring Dragonball, One Piece, Naruto and more.

A trailer is up next to demonstrate the power of Xbox One X which is 1 year old now.

State of Decay 2 is up next. It’s a video boasting figures such as number of days since release, number of zombies killed and such. New weapons, new gear, new ways to play are coming to the game in November in the  Zedhunter update. It’s a free update. Crossbows are being added. 6 new consumables, 3 new melee weapons, 3 new stealth weapons.

Next up a world premier trailer for Just Cause 4.

Microsoft announce Give With Xbox. Every tagged photo Xbox is going to donate to 4 charities.

Back to Gamepass announcements. Kingdom two crowns, After charge, Supermarket Shriek are announced for Gamepass.

Onto a deep dive at Devil May Cry 5. We get a look at a mode called “The Void”. It’s essentially a practice arena. We’re also introduced to the Devil Breakers that are used in the game. A nice touch is the Mega Buster which is the arm cannon from Mega Man. It’s a good little touch.

We’re off to the creators of Minecraft next. 91 million people play Minecraft every month. Minecraft will still be updated while new games are being made. The latest game update incoming. Cats and Pandas.

Onto more Gamepass announcements, Mutant Year Zero. Pathologic 2, Secret Neighbour, The Good Life are the next Gamepass titles added.

After these announcements we get a world premier trailer for Shadow of the Tomb Raider. New modes are being added to the game.

Next up more on the mouse and keyboard support. 14 games will feature it.

Bomber crew, Warface, Children of Morta, Minion Master, DayZ, Warframe, Strange Brigade, Deep Rock Galatic, Warhammer Vermintide 2, Moonlighter, War Groove, Vigour, War Thunder, X Force Defence & Fortnite.

Razer are designing keyboard and mouse for Xbox. They are making specific flash hardware.

Onto a trailer for Metro Exodus, more specifically the Spartan Collectors Edition.

Another trailer for NBA Playgrounds, and then onto ID@Xbox.

After Party is first up, next up is Sabel, onto Ooblets, and onto Tunic. A lot of long awaited games are coming this December. Winter of Arcade is coming to Xbox in December. The games in Winter of Arcade cannot be confirmed now, but will be at the Game Awards on December 6th.

Onto Forza Horizon 4. Horizon Festival of Fortune Island is announced for Forza 4.

Onto another batch of Gamepass announcements. Agents of Mayhem, MXGP3 and Thomas Was Alone are the final announcements for Gampass.

We’re onto Black Friday bundles now. Xbox One X will be knocking $100 off the price. Some games will be 50% off, some will be 35% off.

Head of Microsoft Studios Matt Booty is on the stage now. More acquisitions have been made from Microsoft. inXile Entertainment are now Microsoft first party studios. They also have acquired Obsidian which had been very heavily rumoured before the show. A rather large acquisition from Microsoft who now boast 13 first party studios.

And with those new acquisitions, that closes X018. It certainly wasn’t what I was expecting. Nothing new in terms of game announcements. Just the bombshell of the new studio acquisitions. This event wasn’t really required in that respect. And I’m honestly trying to say this with my PS4 Fanboy hat off.

– Murr

4 thoughts on “X018 – Summary

  1. I’m not a PS4 fanboy at all (I do own a PS4 though) and I agree that this event wasn’t needed at all. It’s still nice to see what’s coming out and some of those trailers look good too.

    • I didn’t think much of the event really. I think there were a few decent annoucments but more for people who already play on Xbox.

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