Geekly Review #34

As I am off to Glastonbury Festival this week on Friday night we had a pre Glastonbury party. Basically, our group, all got together to get a little excited about heading off to Glastonbury, and started to make a few plans for when to leave, and what provisions to bring with us. Just before bed time – at about 2:30 AM, I also managed to check out some of the new deals on Steam, and picked up Shadowrun Returns for the paltry sum of £2.74.

On Saturday, I basically had the whole day to myself after dropping my girlfriend off for a hen do. So naturally I did some gaming, and watched some football. I actually got back on Battlefield 4 this weekend. I really wanted to complete the campaign, as I hand’t so far due to the bugs resetting my progress. Whilst I haven’t completed it just yet, I’m making some decent progress and I’m actually really enjoying it.


Thoroughly Enjoying The Campaign So Far…

I also played a bit of Titanfall as well as I hadn’t played that for a while. It took me a little while to get back in to the swing of it, but once I did I was pulling out a fair few leader board topping performances. But I’m still finding that I hardly ever seem to be on the winning team. I just don’t get what it is… Don’t even get me started on Capture the flag. I played one round of it, and I was trying to capture the flag (obviously), but wasn’t having much success, but the other team seemed to be running riot, so I decided to defend for a little bit. I guarded our flag with my Titan, and was having a lot of success, stopping the opposition getting anywhere close. But we still weren’t getting their flag. So I decided to go for it, as we were defending pretty well. As soon as I left our flag, they had it, and scored within about a minute…. WTF? Seriously, what is everyone else doing….

Like I said, as the World Cup was one I also watched some of that, and was treated to an amazing second half of football in the Germany vs Ghana game. I’ve since then decided I’m going to support Ghana for the remainder of the competition.

Sunday we had to start getting our act together about going away, so we went and did our booze shopping, and got a little too excited about going to a camping shop…

Obviously all weekend I’ve kept my eye on what deals have been coming up on Steam for the summer sale. So far I’ve picked up 5 games, Shadowrun Returns, Hotline Miami, The Fall, Terraria, and Natural Selection 2, all in all I think I’ve only spent about £12… Some pretty good bargains I think you will agree. Unfortunately, I haven’t actually got around to playing any of them properly yet. I had a very quick go on Hotline Miami, man its tough, and not just the game, the controls are also odd, and will take some getting used to.

– Will

We’re having glorious weather at the moment, so It only seemed right to try and make the most of it while it lasts.

Friday night I got home from work, and got the food ready while waiting for my wife to get home from work. One of my friends popped over for a casual beer, but bringing a bottle of Captain Morgans with him, so the that casual beer was off the cards. We ate and drank in the sunshine in the back garden, and then headed onto the pub. We ended up incredibly drunk by about 9:30 so headed to McDonalds of all places for our drunk grease.

Saturday I felt fine despite the heavy drinking, so carried on with my word that I’d paint the bathroom. So spent some time painting that and tidying the house up. Also spent alot of the day trying to get the 2 cats to tolerate each other. They are getting there. Although I didn’t partake in the steam summer sale, I did partake in GAMES 3 for 2 pre-owned offer. I picked up Thief for PS4 and Assassins Creed 1, 2 & 3 for PS3 as it’s a series I’ve yet to try and would like to get into. So far on Thief I’m onto my 4th job now, and as for Assassins Creed, well i’m onto my 3rd target. Again due to the weather I thought it’d best to take advantage of it, so my wife and I had a BBQ with just us 2. Was very relaxed and nice.

Sunday I again played the peace maker between our cats for the majority of the morning, and then when I could played some more Watch_dogs. I then randomly went onto Little Big Planet on PS3, as I kind of forgot I’d downloaded it. Later on we headed over to my wife’s parent’s for another BBQ. Love the summer purely for the BBQ’s. Then it was back home, and watching football. Completely forgot about the F1 unfortunately this weekend. But this week see’s the start of Wimbledon as well as the World cup, And money in the bank on the weekend, So a good week and weekend ahead for sport.


5 Minutes Peace!

– Murr


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