Geekly Review #189

June was a pretty busy month for me. I got married, then went on holiday, was back in work for a week then went off to Glastonbury. I’m back to normal now though and I’ve been taking advantage of the Steam Summer Sale too!

With every sale I seem to buy less and less, I think that’s because I’ve bought most of the games I want now. But there are still a few that I pick up. So far I’ve purchased Table Top Simulator, Worms Armageddon – my friends assured me they’d play it and we haven’t…. Football Manager 2017, and most recently Salt & Sanctuary.

Football Manager 2017

There is just something about Football Manager that always draws me in, even if it is the off season and it’s been out for about 9 months already. In fact it’s usually all the transfer gossip that gets me interested in playing it again.

I’ve started my new career at Liverpool – the team I support. Sometimes I like to work my way up the leagues with a smaller team, but that usually means I miss out on all the top players at the start of the game. I wanted to see some of these Wonderkids in action so went with a team that could afford and attract them. I was handed a fairly hansom transfer budget of £70 million and after selling a few players I had around £85 million to play with. Liverpool already have a good basis for a team, they just need some strengthening in places so I’ve invested in a few younger players to use in the future and use as backup in some games. My best signing so far has probably been Romero the Argentine wonderkid from Velez, although he won’t be joining me until the January transfer window due to his work permit.

One change I’ve noticed that is a really welcome one is that it seems like you can now sign players even if their work permit is rejected. I’ve signed one player who can’t yet play for me but I’ve sent him out on loan now, which in previous years the transfer would’ve just been cancelled. I’m really happy that this change has been done as it actually lets you buy some of the top youngster’s from South America.

I’m around 6 games in to my league campaign now and have won all of them which I’m very happy about, including a 2-1 victory over Man City. I’m yet to play all the other top teams, but it’s been a good start.

Salt & Sanctuary

This game has been on my wishlist for a little while, I was very close to buying it in the last sale, but decided to pass at the time. Ever since playing Hollow Knight I’ve wanted something else a little similar and Salt & Sanctuary seemed like the right mix – a good challenge but nothing too crazy. I’ve only played a very small amount of it so far, so it’s pretty tough to form a proper opinion right now, but I like the way the game looks and the way it plays, I’ve started out as the Knight style character as he seemed almost like the ‘beginner’ one to choose.

The game gets compared to Dark Souls a fair bit – obviously not from the visuals, but more from the dungeon crawling style and  encounter style – tough bosses, and a similar death style where you drop items.

I’ve only just got to the first boss, or mini boss and he killed me, although I almost had him. I think he beat me because I just wasn’t all that used to the game at that point.


I spent 24 hours of my weekend taking place in a 24 hour relay for life in aid of Cancer Research with some good friends. Our team name of “Mighty Morphin Power Walkers”. By the end of our team had managed to cover combined 1092 laps, which worked out to be 436,800 metres or 271.41 MILES, So that took up a fairly large chunk of the weekend. Despite the aches and lack of sleep I’m already convinced to take part again next year and looking forward to it. Once that was completed and when I wasn’t drifting to sleep I did get to play my newest PS4 game, Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy.

Plenty of fun themed laps, for a great cause. Well done everyone who took part.

Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy

What year is it? Yes, we’re actually playing Crash Bandicoot on our PlayStation 4’s, and it’s excellent. The opening levels are such a pleasant trip down memory lane. Being reintroduced to N.Sanity Beach and the familiar music on each level. Was a great moment. I gave it a good play through on Sunday before succumbing to tiredness and ended up finishing after dying multiple times on “Native Forest”. And there’s the difficulty spike. I perhaps blame my numerous deaths on this down to the level of fatigue i was suffering from thanks to the activities I’d been up to the previous 24 hours, and hope to be able to tackle this level again when I play it next as i’ll be taking more time and concentration on it, but a quick google with the name of the level returns numerous articles that others have already started to fall at this level and become frustrated. I can’t remember Crash Bandicoot being that difficult, but this level had been destroying me and plenty of others it would seem. I’ve ordered Parappa The Rapper remaster physical version from Play-Asia too, so the nostalgia trip is going to continue through the summer.

– Murr

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