Geekly Review #51

Well I’m back after a nice relaxing week away in Fuerteventura. Sangria, Paella, Tapas… lovely all round.

The first weekend on my return was a good one as it was the start of new seasons for Walking Dead, Homeland and Gotham. The Friday night I had GSRR’s #1 fan over and he had picked up a PS4 while I was away, so he brought round NBA2k15 and we spent a good few hours on this Friday night.

Saturday I went to Coventry to watch Bristol City play Coventry at the Ricoh arena. It was a good day out with the lads, and to top it off a great away performance seeing us win 3-1 with the final goal in the final few minutes. When I got back from this I caught up on the missed TV that started while I was away. Potential Spoilers Ahead! Walking Dead was an incredible return. Starting off with a very graphic scene. Seeing Carol go all crazy on the people of Terminus was awesome, especially the well aimed firework at the leaking gas tank. It was great to see Rick later on reunited with Judith. I’m still hoping Beth and Daryl reunite.


Walking Dead resumes and is still awesome

Homeland I wasn’t sure how this was going to work. Broady being a pretty integral part to the plot for the first 3 seasons, I was wondering what would happen. I looks like they won’t need the Broady family as it was a great starting episode that never really slowed down. The scene seeing Sandy dragged from the car for retribution for the drone attack was pretty intense.

Finally Gotham, I’d been looking forward to this, but had heard it was a little bit corny. I was worried about this. It opens with a scene we’re all familiar with now seeing the Wayne family torn apart outside a theater. Young Jim Gordon sympathizes with young Bruce and away we go. We get a first glimpse at Selina Kyle, young Poison Ivy, Penguin and Riddler… of course still all in their less notorious days. Happily it wasn’t overly corny and I did enjoy it. More so than Agents of Shield (completely different shows I know, but I got bored of Agents). I look forward to seeing the evolution of Gotham’s more notorious enemies going forward.

One of my other friends also picked up a PS4 while I was on holiday and he bought  Shadow of Mordor along with his other games. He offered me Shadow of Mordor to borrow as he’s wrapped up in DRIVECLUB and NBA2k15, So Sunday I ended up playing a few hours of Shadow of Mordor. I have to say I’m not actually a Lord of the Rings fan, but I am really enjoying this game. It doesn’t feel like a LoTR game (other than Orc’s and Gollum). Its’ full of various different things to keep you distracted other than the main quest. So far a playtime of 5 hours and 19% complete. I then watched another 4 episodes of Orange is the new black with my wife. Almost finished season 1 of this and have been thoroughly enjoying it. Finally a little later in the evening to wind down I started watching Arrested Development. Plowed through 4 episodes of this before hitting the hay. Again another show I’d heard a lot about but never watched, glad I decided to start as I’ve found it very funny and enjoyable.

Well that’s it, back to regular scheduled work weeks till April next year… boo.

– Murr

This weekend was a pretty quiet one for me in terms of gaming and other geeky stuff.

We all know that Destiny hasn’t quite lived up to the hype that surrounded it and that it could be improved a fair bit. But it’s still a fun game, and I still find myself playing it a few times a week. Friday night was no exception as I worked through the daily heroic, well I breezed through it actually. I played it at level 24, (I’m still 26) and thought it might be a slight challenge as I was on my own. But no, it was really easy.

After that I met up with a friend and we worked on the Weekly Heroic strike mission. We did it on hard for 6 strange coins, and as it was The Devil’s Lair strike, it wasn’t too hard. We breezed through the majority of it, up until the tank. We had pretty much destroyed it, it was on its last legs. We were occupying the left and right side of the map. Me with my sniper and Ryan with Gjallarhorn. We decided to swap positions right at the end as I could get some better shots on the legs with my rifle. As we were swapping a tank shell came flying in and took us both out. It was pretty frustrating being so close. But it didn’t exactly take too long to redo it.

Don’t you wish that the tanks could move around a bit more? Imagine if it was stomping around the map climbing over small buildings. It would make it a lot harder to beat. But, that isn’t the case, you can just sit at the back and cheese him until you run out of ammo. It’s things like this, the little things, that make me feel a bit let down by the game. Why doesn’t the tank behave a bit like the Striders from Half Life, or the Scarabs from Halo. Why would you just sit in one spot?

Anyway, we finally got passed the tank and on to Sepiks Prime. We took him down pretty quickly, only being troubled by a few captains every now and then. All in all it was a pretty easy 6 strange coins for us.

Over the course of the weekend I played some more PVP and I’ve been working on a little Hunter montage of my blade dancer. Below is the video.

I also continued on with my career on NBA 2K15. After a patchy start with Utah, I’m finally in the starting line up, and pretty much leading the way for the team. I don’t know what it is about the rest of them, but they seem scared to shoot. I will feed them the ball for an easy bucket, but they either don’t take it, or miss it. What is with that? That then makes me not want to pass the ball, and go for it myself. So I usually end up with the most points, but not a lot of assists. Then after the game I get Try Burke on my back asking me why I don’t pass. “Because none of you can score. That’s why!” I quite often find that if we are leading a game, and I get subbed out, I come back on and we are losing. Because of this, and partly because I’m not quite good enough to lead the team on my own, we end up losing a fair few games.

On Saturday evening, our friends came over so we could book our holiday for next year. I know, that doesn’t sound very exciting does it. But it’s for mine and my friends 30th – man I’m getting old… And we are going to Vegas. After we got it all booked, we headed out for some drinks to ‘celebrate’.

Sunday was a real lazy day. I played a little more Xbox, and watched what is fast becoming my favourite programme, Nazi mega structures. Basically it’s about all the huge constructions projects Hitler wanted to build during the war. This week it was the V2 rocket. I’m pretty fascinated by WWII, so this programme is right up my street. Did you know the brains behind the V2 rocket, Wernher von Braun, also worked for NASA and was one of the main men behind the Saturn rockets!

– Will


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