Geekly Review #178

Both myself and Murr are recovering this Monday, recovering from my stag do in Edinburgh. So it hasn’t been a very geeky weekend for us, but there are always things to talk about in the world of games!

Rain World

You are a slugcat in an industrial world full of dangers, you must hunt to survive, but beware as you aren’t the only predator.

Rain World is a platformer survival game where you need to traverse around the world searching for food and avoiding the rains as they will wash you away. I’ve not had the time to play for too long yet, but one thing I’m sure of is that the game is tough. Essentially each ‘day’ you must wander around looking for food to help you hibernate through the rain fall, once you do this the days will progress and more areas etc… will become open to you, if you die, however, your progress gets taken back to the previous day. Food sources also don’t respawn, so if you found little bugs in one area and ate them all one day, they won’t ever appear back there. Meaning that there is this pull for exploration whilst also being a danger of you venturing out too far and getting caught out.

As you progress in the game you will find new ‘homes’ that you can shelter in for the night – although at this point I’ve only found one, this means you will eventually be able to keep working your way through the world that consists of around 1600 ‘rooms’ spread across 12 regions. This will also mean that the predators that hunt you will become more varied and ultimately more dangerous.

I’ve only encountered a couple of predators so far and they’ve been the same in design although one could crawl around only on the floor whilst the other was able to crawl around on the ceilings. I know that there are a lot of different types for me to find in terms of their looks so I’m expecting their abilities and behaviours to be just as varied.

The game has a fantastic art style with a really interesting setting. Everything about it is hugely intriguing and now that I understand the mechanics of it a little more I’m really looking forward to playing more and venturing further afield – providing I don’t get eaten all the time!


It’s been a while since I’ve played Destiny, I fact I think it would probably be November when I last played. When being away from the game you kind of loose touch with it a bit, but with the announcement of Destiny 2 and the release of the latest update ‘Age of Triumph’ I have an urge to go back to the game.

The Age of Triumph is basically an update that brings back a lot of the older content, like the original raids and boosts the levels making them relevant to play again, they’ve also added in a lot new armour sets, brought back weapons and basically revamped a lot of the older stuff. It’s a nice touch and makes me want to play through some bits again.

With the update there is the Book to complete, these books – which have popped up for other events, give you milestones to reach which can then unlock unique rewards.

I just want to replay through some of the older stuff to see what that might give me in Destiny 2. I know that you’re characters are going to be reset, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there were some emblems and things like that for people that completed certain parts of the book. I’ve only got to level 2 in the book, and there is still a lot left in there to complete, but i would be nice to get a good chunk of it checked off. The event doesn’t have an end date on it, which is good as it will give me enough time to work through a decent amount hopefully!


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