Microsoft Scorpio Reveal Event

In a tweet sent out on the 4th April 2017, it was confirmed that Xbox One’s biggest critics Digital Foundry will have the honor of an exclusive Project Scorpio reveal on Thursday 6th April at 2pm GMT on Eurogamer.

Well, here we are and this is Project Scorpio and here’s how it went:

There were a few pre-recorded videos. Rich from Digital Foundry was invited to Microsoft to see the the hardware. I’ll be completely honest, all the figures and stats completely went over my head. The overall impression and reaction I take away from the videos are that Scorpio vs PS4 Pro difference is pretty much what Original PS4 vs Original Xbox One was in terms of power difference.

There are no vents on the top of the console, the heat is pushed out the back of the console.

What ever your Xbox One will run, the Scorpio will run it better is essentially the main take from this. From improved texturing filtering to faster loading times, Scorpio is set to flatter your existing Xbox One and 360 library in ways we didn’t expect.

There is some evidence that Scorpio true 4K performance could pose a challenge to the like of Nvidia GTX 1070 and AMD fury X.

Digital Foundry expect it to retail at $499, but that is not a confirmed price.

After watching both video’s twice I’ve come to this conclusion about the specs for the Scorpio:

With that said, here are the videos that explain how powerful Scorpio really is. Bonus, be sure to look out in the first video Rich giving the middle finger to the Scorpio processor chip.


– Murr

2 thoughts on “Microsoft Scorpio Reveal Event

    • Yea, the specs look pretty decent, but until we know what games are coming and how they will run it’s not really much to talk about.

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