Geekly Review #174

What have we been playing this week? Probably not too hard to guess what Murr has been on…


I mentioned last week that I was making my way through my placement matches for season 4 competitive. Well I’ve finished them with 5 wins, 1 draw, 4 loses, not great but not terrible, in fact I think that’s the best result I’ve had in placement games. But I was placed in Bronze – around 1400, which to be honest I was a little embarrassed about. You need 1500 SR to hit Silver so that was my initial target, which I did fairly easily after a couple of games.

I’m not entirely sure how I landed in Bronze – maybe I’m just really bad, but I don’t think I am. Previous seasons I’ve placed Gold (2400ish) and high silver (1700ish) so I don’t quite understand what happened, but oh well, here I am.

The problem with being in Bronze is that a lot of people you play with don’t tend to play as a team or with a mic, so trying to co-ordinate movements and attacks can become tricky and that can often be the downfall of the team. I’ve decided that I’m just going to main Lucio as it seems when I play him, more often than not we win – around 65% win rate at the moment. My current SR is 1574 and I plan on getting that much better over the next few weeks.

Dead By Daylight

I’ve been wanting to play Dead by Daylight for a little while and seeing as it recently went in to sale for £8 I figured I’d jump on it as did all my friends. Dead by Daylight is 4vs1 horror game, 1 player takes on the role of the killer and the others all have to survive and escape the area.

My very first game I was playing as the Trapper who is a killer focused on setting traps throughout the level to catch your foes. I wasn’t expecting to really do that well with it being my first attempt, but I won taking out all the survivors.

I’ve also now played as the survivors with both friends and on my own and it’s pretty tough. The game is fun and can  be pretty scary when you know the killer is chasing you down. I can see this game being a lot of fun when my friends all start playing together.


A group of us has started a new epic quest of adventuring across the seas in the legacy board game Seafall. In Seafall you control a province that has two ships and you need to use these to venture out to sea and to discover islands and the secrets they hold. Being a legacy game it evolves as you play, meaning that rules can changes or new ones can be added, cards can be ripped up and the game can be completely different for everyone who plays. So far we’ve only managed to play the prologue, but I still found it immensely fun with twists that I wasn’t expecting so early on in the game.

I’m going to be doing a series covering each play session of the game – kind of like a diary, so if you’re interested in reading our adventures and don’t mind the spoilers keep your eyes out for the first part, which time permitting should be posted this week.

– Will

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


What else would I have been doing this weekend? I made absolutely massive strides this weekend on Breath of the Wild. Saturday I played for over 11 hours solid, it’s taken my total playtime for Zelda now to over 33 hours in one week. While it’s not as much time as some people could clock up, it’s the first time in a long time I’ve wanted to do nothing but play a video game. Warning, the following will contain spoilers.

11 Hour Session, HELP!

So my initial target for a while was to increase my heart container count. For two reasons really. One, I was getting a little frustrated of being one shot killed, some enemies can take you down with one hit with anything less than 8 hearts. Secondly, I know they play a pivotal role with regards to unlocking the Master Sword. As well as raiding shrines to increase my heart containers, I also went on a Korok seed rampage as I wanted to increase my weapon inventory. But with this game being so massive, you can set your sights on one target, but get massively sidetracked and end up working towards something else which was entirely the case for me.

For ages the region of Rito was black on my map as I had not ventured to that area. It’s legitimately one of the most difficult regions to get to if you don’t have the correct equipment. One route is too cold and you need cold resistance clothing. Another route is too high to climb unless you have a heck of a lot of stamina and luck out with no rain. But eventually after some mass detour I got there. It’s become my favourite region, Rito Village is so nice! I was surprised how quickly you can get straight to the Divine Beast mission for this area. The 2 area’s i’d visited so far in Death Mountain and Zora, there have been some pretty tough prerequisites to complete before starting the Divine Beast itself, this one in Rito however happened very suddenly, in fact I was alarmed if i’d be prepared enough for it as it just sort of happened, but I took the challenge anyway. It was surprisingly easy to complete though, even the final battle upon the Divine Beast was easier than It appeared it would be.

So given that I did this one with relative ease, I headed back to Zora to try knock out the 2nd Divine Beast. The task before taking this one was to steal lightning arrows from a monster at the top of a mountain. Little did I realize I’d be going into battle with a Lion, Horse, Man Beast called a Lynel. It was excuse my language, Fucking epic. This thing royally beat the shit out of me on numerous attempts. After multiple attempts at parrying and blocking this Goliath’s monstrous charging attacks only to be trampled again and again, I used my abilities as I’ve upgraded my Sheikah stone, so I can now freeze an enemy. I just did this, smashed his as much as I could while he was frozen in time, run away when he came back round and as my stasis meter filled again, stopped him again, ran and smashed him again… rinse repeat. I don’t know if this is considered cheating, but this game you’re allowed to progress how you want, there are multiple ways to attain a certain target, so I figure my method is just as legitimate as parrying and blocking. Anyways that aside and taking the electric arrows, I’ve progressed to take on my 2nd Divine Beast. Once again I was surprised at how easy this was. I’m now 2 out of 4 complete.

Onto my next target and a change of missions, I went to get the Master Sword. I didn’t realize that there was a certain way to progress through the lost woods. On my first attempt to get the Master Sword I tried gliding straight to the shrine in the Korok forest, only for the screen to go white and find myself stood back at the point that began my glide attempt. After figuring out the secret to the lost woods I progressed through and found the shrine which gives me a new spawn point. I then ventured a little further to find the great deku tree and the Master Sword. Holy Shit!

Well, my next targets are to finish the final 2 Divine Beasts, then I think I’ll go on to complete more side quests and shrines rather than move forward with the main story.

Seriously… HELP!

Unbreakable & Passengers

As my wife came back from a week holiday away, I thought I should pull myself away from Zelda briefly to spend some time with her. So on Sunday as well as catching up with Walking Dead, we watched some films. When I watched Split with her in the cinema, the ending twist was kind of lost on her, as she had not seen Unbreakable before. For me when this happened in the cinema it was a genuinely great moment of cinema for me. But I can understand that having not seen Unbreakable before, the impact is null and when explaining the importance of that ending to my wife, I don’t think she had the same wow moment from an explanation of it all as she would have had she watched Unbreakable back in 2000 and waiting 17 years for a sequel. So yes, we watched one of M Night’s classics and finest moments with Unbreakable. It got me in the mood to rewatch Split, so i’ll be trying to do this again soon.

Passengers Is a film I’d heard alot more negativity about than positives. However wife wanted to watch it, so I obliged. Turns out I’m glad I did watch it as it was completely different to what I had expected. It had a lot more of a comedic tone to it than I had expected. And I was a little blown away in that I had expected that both the main characters were woken up by malfunction from the very beginning of the film and would be about them panicking and trying to get back to earth or something, not anything like the actual events that unfolded in the film. All in all alot better than I had expected, and would watch again.

– Murr

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