Seafall Prologue: War is Coming

Seafall is a Legacy game that’s played across multiple sessions and every time you play new rules can be introduced, cards can be torn up and thrown away, you can write on the board and a number of new elements can be introduced along the way – the game evolves as you play.

This is going to be the story of our play through from Prologue to completion. Each post will document the events of one session and will contain spoilers for the game, so if you don’t want to know what is hidden in the game or how it can pan out, it’s probably best to stop reading. The prologue will setup the story and introduce you to the provinces and leaders and is a chance for the players to get to grips with the game without too many major consequences.


Players – 5 – Serendair, Trenwith, The Blood Coast, Hyrule, Kickassia

Objective – Every 3 Glory gained, name an island, once all 4 are named the game ends

War is Coming

War is coming, it’s only a matter of time; the provinces are stirring as new islands have been discovered with riches that could lead them to glory. Rumours are circling that they’re ready to move, ready to set sail and discover what lies West. Final preparations are taking place with docks bustling as everyone prepares for the coming voyages, ships are loaded with supplies to enable the crews to stay at sea long enough to find new lands. Each leader oversees all the preparations to make sure that everything will go as they plan. As the leaders all set sail one by one, their was an air of wonder and danger for the adventures ahead.

Princess Ming Tau leader of Serendair and next in line to be Empress is keen to impose herself upon these new lands after being besieged by her enemies for years, losing land and people. Now that Serendair has regained its power forgiveness will not come so quickly for those that cross them.

The Province of Kickassia is lead by Baron Dave the Dire, they craft buildings, songs, stories and legends, with belongings so rich they tell a hundred stories. Baron Dave will write history to be talked of for a thousand years.

Lord Jaffa Bru of Trenwith seeks to discover the knowledge of the past, secrets lost out at sea long thought forgotten will be regained. His people thirst to know more and will let nothing stop them in their pursuit.

Vlad Lasagne Count of the Blood Coast leads proud people who’s lineage can be traced back hundreds of years and the future of their families will only grow more resplendent with the possibilities of endless riches to be found.

Duke ‘Unlce’ Ben oversees all goings on in Hyrule and wants nothing more than Gold. Gold is power, it is might, it can buy your enemies and turn them to friends or be used to crush them. These riches out at sea are a chance to harness whatever they want for now and for futures to come.

For now there is peace between the provinces – a fragile and fraught peace, but peace nonetheless. As expeditions to new islands take place, the leaders start to stake claims to the riches found. Fields of Spice are discovered on Zora, whilst a new dock welcomes weary sailors on Blood Bone Island. Slightly further West the island of Slough also has spice and linen. The final island of Kickassia Two has a rich vein of Iron ore but still remains fairly undiscovered.

Sailors are cautious of venturing to far in to the unknown, but it won’t be long until vessels are brave enough to head further West. For now they are content with exploring the nearby islands without wanting to cause to much of a disruption to the populace encountered there.

As the year goes by Hyrule makes good progress on asserting themselves across the ocean thanks to an advisor who is a renowned soldier and expert in raiding. The other provinces are more content with exploration and all make new discoveries that gain them glory in one form or another.

Records are unclear as to why all the leaders of the provinces chose to sail west into the seas, nearly at the same time. It was many winters before all hope was lost that they would ever return. Each province is sure that the other was responsible for the loss of their leader. The fragile peace that had lasted so long was shattered and raids between the provinces started. The heirs to the province were raised to assume leadership when their day came. Long years passed.

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