Geekly Review #54

This time of year always brings about problems for gamers like me. Too many good games to play, and not enough time off to play them. Maybe we should start some kind of petition that if you’re an avid gamer you get a free week off? Seems fair to me…


After having a little hiatus from Destiny – we’ve not been talking much lately, I… I just feel let down *sniff*… Ahem. Sorry. As I was saying, I’d not played Destiny for a while, but this week got back on to it for a little bit. It’s fair to say that Destiny is so much more fun when playing with others, and thankfully I now have a pretty regular fire team to play with. On Friday night we teamed up to work through some Tiger Strikes, well not just some, quite a lot in fact. One friend, Ryan, has the exotic bounty for Bad Juju, and one of the conditions for getting the weapon is to complete 25 strike missions. He’d been ploughing away on them throughout the week, but on Friday we were nearing the end. The problem I have with this is twofold.

  1. Repetitive strikes. Not only do the strikes themselves get a little repetitive, but the fact that you can complete one, and then straight away be put back in to the same strike is just plain stupid. Chuck in the fact that some strikes don’t even seem to be on the playlist, just makes it even more stupid…
  2. The Exotic isn’t even meant to be that good. Even though I’m not actually the one getting the weapon, I’ve heard loads of people saying that Bad Juju isn’t even a very good gun. These are meant to be the best weapons in the game! The most desirable! But we’ve already seen with Vex Mythoclast that if they are too exotic, that they just get nerfed… What is the point in grinding for so long only to be left so underwhelmed by it.

This incredibly rare, exotic, ‘meant to be special’ weapon is too good… nerf it!

I know it seems like I complain about Destiny quite a lot, and I do… But I do also enjoy it. I just feel like it could’ve been so much more than it is, especially if you take a look at this early artwork for it. It looks so incredible. I get that content will be cut for one reason or another, but it just seems like too much got cut along the way.

I’m still holding out some hope that it will turn in to the game it should’ve been, but that hope is waning.


Another game I’ve neglected recently is NBA 2K15, don’t worry we didn’t fall out too, I just hadn’t had the time to play it alongside all the other games. But over the weekend I dedicated a fair bit of time to it, and I’m now only about two games from the playoffs. We aren’t going to make the playoffs however, so my season is pretty much over. There is already talk about where I will end up next season – one thing is for sure, it won’t be the Jazz! Especially after I caught Trey Burke going through my phone! WTF!

I’m currently leading the way in the rookie leader boards, so I’m hoping that I will get some good teams come looking for me.

With the season coming to a close I thought I would put together a little montage of some of my best moments from the season. I only really started to put in top performances towards the last quarter of the season, so the early games didn’t really hold too many highlights for me. Check out the video below.

On Sunday I got a little time to carry on with the campaign on Call of Duty. I also played a little more multiplayer. If you missed my first impressions of the game, you can check them out here.

I’m still really enjoying the campaign. the levels have been good fun, and interesting. The story has been ok. Nothing ground breaking, but it’s an enjoyable romp so far. My highlight so far has been Sentinel. It’s a classic stealth mission, infiltrating an area undetected whilst taking out guards silently.

On the multiplayer side though, I’ve just been getting my ass kicked. I guess my luck wore off from my first few games. Now all I get is shot in the back, no matter where I seem to go… It’s a little frustrating.

Roll on Halo!

– Will

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