Geekly Review #107

I think its pretty obvious what I would’ve been playing over the last week. Yup, Fallout 4. Arguably this years biggest game release is here and I’ve been playing it a almost every opportunity I’ve had, and I love it! As of right now I’ve put in just over 10 hours, which actually isn’t all that much I don’t think. I know that in that time I’ve made almost no impact in the main story, I’ve found myself just wondering around the wasteland quite a bit just taking in the sights and seeing what random thins I can stumble across.

F4 -1

Despite what some people say, this game looks amazing.

I picked Fallout 4 up on the PC in the end. Partly because I’m very low on hard drive space on my Xbox One, and partly because I wanted to see what the game would look like in Ultra settings and thankfully my PC can run it perfectly in ultra. I will probably round up more of my first impressions of it later this week, as I feel I still need to get the hang of so much of it. But like I’ve said, I’m loving it so far, the gun play feels so much better than the previous Fallout games and I don’t feel the need to use VATS any where near as much as I used to – although when ghouls are sprinting at you it’s pretty handy to be able to slow them down using VATS. Speaking of ghouls, they have improve immensely, they clamber through windows, go from walking to sprinting in the blink of an eye and are all round a huge improvement to how they used to be. It’s like a scene out of 28 days later when a group of them get up and start running after you.

F4 -2

Some good views!

As I’m sure a lot of you are aware crafting is now a huge part of Fallout 4. Well its a huge part in the fact that there is almost limitless options for base building and customising weapons. But it’s pretty much entirely optional. I’ve started to build up my settlement a little bit, but it still has a long way to go before I can feel proud to call it a home. With so many options for crafting, you now have a much greater need to materials, this has made every item in the game useful to some extent as you can now scrap anything to get the ‘raw’ materials from it. This does however mean you really need to be pretty good at managing your inventory as you can quickly become encumbered from all the crap you carry around.

One of my favourite things to do in Fallout is to seek out all the random hidden secret and moments. I spent hours upon hours doing this in Fallout 3, seeking out every little easter egg or special weapon. In Fallout 4 this is no different. I’ve already stumbled across a couple of little easter eggs and random ‘thing’s, so I thought I would share just a couple with you – don’t worry they aren’t spoilers.

F4 -4

A bank job gone wrong? Also, there is a hidden safe here if you find it.

F4 -5

Anyone for bowling?

F4 -3

A nod to the residents of vault 108?


I think it’s time to get back out there and see what else I can find!


My weekend much like Will’s was dominated by one game, The difference being my weekend wasn’t taken up with Fallout, but I was completely addicted to WWE2k16. It even took precedent over Call of Duty Black Ops 3.

Friday I actually opted to spend a night being social though. My in-law’s came over for a meal, and then my wife and I headed out to see a band called “The Naughties” who’ve I’ve mentioned in previous GR’s. They’re a cover band specializing in the type of music I used to listen to at the end of school and into college like Blink 182, Sum 41, Foo Fighters and such. It was a fun night with friends rocking away to some tunes of old.

Saturday was very much dominated with WWE2k16. I downloaded a load more created wrestlers to pad out the roster and updated the Universe mode with stables, teams, titles and shows. However I didn’t dive right into Universe mode. I opted for the Career mode for a few hours. Climbing the ranks of the US Championship ladder and choosing new rivalries.


Loving the work of the WWE Universe in CAW mode

Sunday I went over to ‘3 Kills Kelso’s’ house to watch the UFC main event from the night before. Ronda Rousey vs Holly Holm. That was a brutal, short bout seeing Rousey get knocked out and dominated throughout. After that It was back to 2K16 and a marathon session over 6 hours. I continued in MyCareer, now ranked 4th in line for the US title. I took John Cena on as a rival and that was a mistake as during my rival matches he seemed to have unlimited reversals and his special meter was filling up much quicker than mine did. I ended up getting myself DQ’d to avoid a loss via pin. I then downloaded another 20 created wrestlers from Luhca Underground and NJPW, added them to universe mode and stayed on that for a while. Skipping a lot of the year and just seeing how the WWE looked in 5 years time. Cesaro was WWE champion, Rusev claimed both the Intercontinental and US Championship. Becky Lynch had gone on to become the most successful Diva’s champion ever and The Vaudvillains never progressed from NXT but held the NXT tag titles for 3 years.

Perhaps the funniest result however…


Baron Corbin – Your NXT Women’s Champion

– Murr

News Summary

Nintendo Direct Wrap-up

Nintendo held their first direct since the sad passing of Satoru Iwata last week, We watched it live and got the news up in a summary for you here.

Life Is Strange – Physical Release Announced

Square-Enix’s episodic game Life is Strange is getting a physical release.

PlayStation Experience Playable Games Lineup

We’re close to Sony’s PlayStation experience 2016, and Sony have released the long list of playable games.

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