Geekly Review #116

Don’t worry guys we’r almost through the longest and most depressing month of the year.

Board Games

Ever since we started reviewing board games last year, I’ve been getting more and more excited about them. Now I’ve always enjoyed the odd game here and there, but now I find myself actively seeking out new and interesting looking games, checking kickstarter projects and even checking out items on eBay to add expansions to games. Right now, I think I would actually rather play a board game than a video game, which is something I was not expecting.

We’ve got a couple of new board games to review and we’re hoping to get them out later this week. Over the weekend I spent a little time playing one of them -Zombicide, it’s a co-op game where you have to complete certain objectives in a multitude of scenarios. You can rank up your suvivors and gather resources to help you combat the zombie infestation all. It’s really good fun – if you want to hear more about it come back later for Murr’s review. I tried to play it with Meg, but being new to the game I messed up when explaining it and we quickly got over-run and lost, it wasn’t until later on that I realised my mistake. I then went back to it on my own to have another go at the scenario. Needless to say, it wasn’t half as fun playing on your own. Sure you can still do it, but I just didn’t feel the same kind of enthusiasm when playing solo.

The Division


I’m sure a lot of you are aware that this week marks the start of the closed beta for The Division. It begins on the 28th for Xbox One players and the 29th for PC and PS4. Luckily I have access to both the PC and Xbox One version. So on Thursday night I’m going to team up with Gaming At HeartP3T3 TT and some others and head in to the Dark Zone. I for one am very excited, it’s also more exciting because the beta doesn’t have any NDA so we’re free to stream, record and share anything we want, so you can expect some videos and impressions to pop up once we’re done with it.

The Black Death

Earlier in the week we announced a new survival game called The Black Death. Due to come out Q2 this year The Black Death is a medieval survival game hitting early access on steam. Pick your class, gather supplies, explore an 8Km2 world and survive. There isn’t really too much know about it right now, but I think it sounds promising. Head here if you’d like to read more.


The Tomorrow Children

Over the weekend of 22nd to 24th January, Certain PS4 players were granted an exclusive first try of The Tomorrow Children via a BETA. I was fortunate enough to be successfully accepted to partake in the BETA. It was scheduled over some pretty random times over the weekend. I managed to get on over the time slot of 7pm to 10pm UK time.

TomorrowSo how was it? Overall a pretty unique but enjoyable experience. The premise of the game is to always improve your town. Improve the defenses, the buildings and increase the population. You improve the town with mining resources from randomly generated areas in your world. The area you play in is somewhat baron other then the randomly created mining areas and your town. After getting to grips with it and mining my own area, I went onto the subway and visited other BETA players towns. Some of these were much much better than my place. I was a little cheeky when visiting other lands. I went to their random mining areas and instead of mining resources myself, I simply stole resources that were left in the loading bays and took them back to my world. A tad naughty, but it’s all for the greater good of your own town. It was a fun and strange few hours I played on it. I enjoyed the brief BETA of it and will probably pick it up once it releases.

WWE Royal Rumble 2016

The first PPV of 2016 took place over the weekend. The build up to Wrestlemania kicked off with a genuinely good Royal Rumble PPV. The opening Last Man Standing match between Kevin Owens and Dean Ambrose was an incredible start to the show and had the fans hyped from the get go. Ambrose retained the Intercontinental Title, But I think that was always going to be the case with plenty of rumours floating around Kevin Owens over who he’ll be feuding with in the build up to and including the Wrestlemania PPV.

The Tag Titles stayed with New Day in another pretty entertaining tag match (They always are with New Day) And Kalisto regained the US title from Alberto Del Rio in another surprisingly good match. The final match before the Royal Rumble began was for the Divas Championship and that was highly enjoyable with Becky just missing out unfortunately. There was plenty of crowd reaction to this match which is a testament to just how good Becky and Charlotte are for the women’s division. The women’s match isn’t just treated as the ‘toilet break’ now. And the loudest pop of the night at that point came from the returning Sasha Banks. A promising 3 way feud for the Divas championship could be looming.

And finally the Rumble itself was absolutely outstanding with the reveal of the 3rd entrant being none other than AJ Styles to a humongous crowd reaction. Sami Zayn returned to a great reaction setting up a potential feud with Kevin Owens and Brock Lesnar and the Wyatt’s have set their path for Wrestlemania. Triple H eliminating Roman Reigns got a very positive reaction which was probably not what WWE creative actually wanted, but the fans were going mad when it was just Ambrose and HHH left as the final 2. HHH picked up the win making his Championship tally go up to 14. All in all a good PPV with no complaints with HHH being champion, I think the crowd were happy so long as it wasn’t Roman Reigns.


– Murr

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