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So Nintendo held their first direct dedicated to the WiiU and 3DS of 2016 last night. It was a tease of what we can expect for the summer of 2016. There were also some new surprises shown too. It’s probably the final stop before E3 and the reveal of NX. Here’s what Nintendo had for us last night (not in order of the Direct)

Paper Mario Colour Splash Announced – No specific release date just 2016


Monster Hunter Generations 3DS

This will be releasing in 2016, It’ll also feature Fire Emblem characters as DLC



Kirby Robobo Planet + Kirby Hunters 3DS Announced with new range of Kirby Amiibo


Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE (AKA SMTxFE)

The game that was once known as Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem is due to release on June 24th. It’s confirmed to remain Japanese with no English voice over, but will have English subtitles.



Rhythm Heaven Megamix 3DS

Rhythm Heaven comes to the West for 3DS featuring mini games from DS & Wii version along with all new mini games.

SNES virtual console games coming to New 3DS


Fire Emblem Fates

Fire Emblem Fates finally gets a European Launch on 20th May with collectors edition featuring all 3 games. 3rd game to be downloadable title only other wise.

Star Fox Zero & Star Fox Guard

Project Guard is now Star Fox Guard and will come bundled with Star Fox Zero – Star Fox Guard will launch on the same day as Star Fox Zero. Guard features Slippy’s uncle Grippy and gameplay involves strategically controlling Slippy’s security system as enemies attempt to surpass it. Players will be able to upload the layouts they create in the game and play other people’s creations as well. Star Fox Guard will launch alongside Star Fox Zero on April 22 and will be available separately or as a bundle with both games.

SF0 SLippy

Metroid Prime Federation Force

In an attempt to get people to change their views on Federation Force, there was a longer part of the direct dedicated to this game.

Mario & Sonic at the 2016 Rio Olympics

And the inevitable Olympic tie in is shown. However there was a standout game on this that looked fun, the inclusion of 7’s Rugby.



If you’d like to watch the whole direct, Nintendo added it to their Nintendo UK Youtube channel –

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