Geekly Review #127

We were meant to be attending EGX Rezzed last week, but real life work got in the way! It’s safe to say that I was pretty grumpy about missing it.



I mentioned last week that I wanted to try out Adr1ft, well I have now and it’s really cool. I’ve not actually had the chance to play a lot of it just yet, but from even still I like what I’ve seen of it.

In Adr1ft you wake up floating in space outside the wreckage of your space station, why it has been destroyed is a mystery as is the where abouts of the rest of the crew. Your goal is to survive and find some answers.

The game looks fantastic, space looks awesome and the space station looks really good too, the sound design is also really good. I’m really looking forward to playing some more of it!


There is actually quite a lot going on this week in the world of gaming – well quite a lot for me anyway. Firstly we have new content coming to both The Division and Destiny, then we have the release of The Black Death.

The Black Death

The Black Death is due to release on steam early access on the 14th April. I’m really looking forward to playing it – I would’ve got the chance at EGX, but, well, you know… work, boo! Anyway, a few weeks back we had a Q&A with the developers about the game, you can read it here.

The Division

The Division is seeing its first major update since release and with it is coming a fair bit of new content. We will get to try our very first Incursion called ‘Falcon Lost’ and it will be the most challenging content to date – so hard that apparently some of the developers haven’t been able to complete it yet. There will also be new events in the Dark Zone like supply drops, which are timed events that will award you with some top tier loot should you manage to beat the other players to it. Trading between players will also become available.


You can read up on all the additional info here.


Destiny, for me, has been dead for a while. I’ve not played it this year I don’t think. But I’m happy that there is new content coming this week as I would like to jump back on it.

We’re going to be getting new PVE challenges including an update Prison of Elders, a new strike with it’s own quest line, an increased light level with new gear and weapons to go with it and plenty more changes.


Check out the full run down of new content here.

Gears of War 4

A new trailer for Gears of War 4 also dropped over the weekend. No gameplay, but it gives us a little background of the story!

Needless to say, I’m looking forward to this week in the world of games!


Grand Theft Auto III

This weekend I’ve only played one game, but I’ve played it for a heck of a long time. Grand Theft Auto III. I picked it up along with Vice City and San Andreas for PS4 during the PSN sales. I’m saving the other 2 till I’ve completed III. So this weekend I’ve gone through alot of the side stuff as well as making a huge dent in the missions. I’ve completed level 12 paramedic missions (which was very frustrating), completed 60 fire fights and vigilante missions (20 per island as needed for completion), 100 taxi fairs, all the RC missions, all the off road missions and all the pay phone missions. I’m now left with around 10 main story missions to go.

I’ve loved exploring the old Liberty City again. It’s scary how I can still navigate round the 3 Islands without getting lost despite the game being 15 years old. Not long to go now till making a start on the masterpiece that is Vice City.


Portal: The Uncooperative Cake Acquisition Game

While I didn’t play the game this weekend, We got our review of the game out. It’s pretty good fun and created a lot of laughs while playing. Check out our review here.

The Uncooperative Cake Acquisition Game

Star Wars: Rogue One

A teaser for the first ‘Star Wars Story’ movie Rogue One released in the week, I’ll say no more, check it out:

Codemasters Welcomes Evolution Stuidos

Unfortunately 2016 has seen casualties in the video game world with studio closures and lay offs. Evolution Studios the geniuses behind DRIVECLUB and the Motorstorm series were sadly one of the studios that got hit. However there is a silver lining in that Codemasters, arguably one of the best developers in the racing genre have welcomed ex Evolution Studios staff to the their studios and have added them to their portfolio of studios. An all round good move as between them, we could see some truly tasty racing games from them in the future.



– Murr

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