Geekly Review #132

Yes it is Monday again. Yes we are almost half way through the year…

Gang Beasts

I got access to the Gang Beasts Multiplayer Beta and have been giving that a go over the last few days.

If you don’t know what Gang Beasts is, it’s a multiplayer brawler with a bit of a difference. Your characters are clumsy, floppy, flimsy and well kind jelly like.

I’ve basically always been waiting for multiplayer to hit Gang Beasts as playing couch multiplayer is very rarely an option but I do love the game. Now it’s finally happening!

The game is huge amounts of fun as a couch game with a group of friends so I was wondering what it would be like to just play online and whether it would be as fun and I’m pleased to say that it is. I was still having a lot of fun playing it and it generated a lot of laughs. There are a few bugs and a few graphical issues, but generally it worked really well.


There are 3 levels to play on it at the moment, Subway, Trucks and Grind.  All of which offer up a nice variation in gameplay with some lovely ways to dispose of your foes.

I can see this game being a load of fun if you can get a group of friends in on it and just beating the turd out of each other.


I’ve still been playing a fair bit of Rust, but rather than talk about it I thought I would share some screenshots I’ve taken. At times I think the game can look really good!

Rust 4

Snow looks good in game, no matter what!

Rust 3

Night times are cool

Rust 2

Our base, not open for business though…

Rust 1

Catching the last few rays of the day

Our group is now at the point where we can make C4! Woo! So we’re going to start blowing up some bases soon.

E3 2016

E3 is only a month away now and we’re already getting excited about it. We’ve kicked things off with a guess at what Microsoft might show off at this years event.

Check it out here.


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