E3 2016 Sony: What to Expect or Wishful Thinking?


As Will mentioned in his Microsoft E3 expectations post, we’re pretty damn excited about E3 being less than a month away.

My excitement is normally shared between 2 factions. Nintendo and Sony. This year though while I’m still on a hype train I’ve had my high expectations brought down a little more to earth (they’re still pretty high when you read the below) by the announcement that Nintendo aren’t showing their new console off at E3, and as it stands the only thing they are really going to be showing the world is Zelda WiiU. While that’s awesome, it’s a little deflating given Nintendo and Hype are usually the basic formula of E3.

But I’m off topic, this is the Sony expectations post, so with that blurb behind us let’s get to it.


Sony have one hell of a show to follow. Their conference last year caused shockwaves throughout the gaming world no matter what console you own. Obviously those who own a PS4 may have taken to the announcements better than others, but you can’t deny that the reveals were big fanboy or not.

So how the heck do you follow it up?

The opening last year was the re-confirmed Last Guardian and it was a great way to start the show off. I think something similar will be done to kick the show off with the first look at the unannounced but obviously coming God of War IV.

In terms of Sony’s first party studios it’s Santa Monica, BEND and SuckerPunch we’re yet to hear from, So that’s why I think we’ll be starting the show off with a boom. And you know it’ll look gory and glorious.


We can fully expect to see plenty more of Horizon with a nice lengthy demo getting us even more hyped for it. And I think following that to keep the big hitters going we’ll be getting one final look at No Mans before its final release (can you believe it’s actually releasing!).


2 Big Hitters

PlayStationVR is going to be a major focus of the conference I feel and they’ll spend a good portion of the conference demoing some games for this and my hope is we’ll get our first look at the PlaystationVR exclusive Star Wars Battlefront.


Once the VR show is completed we’ll spin right into a 3rd party reel. Ubisoft may have already revealed their surprises at their conference, but we may get a little look at the games again. If Sony have secured marketing for any of their games like Assassins Creed last year, expect to see a longer trailer of any game partnership they may have. Followed up with some Activision love with more Destiny and Call of Duty. And right to other 3rd party titles Mirrors Edge, Mass Effect, Ni-Oh etc. Then to finish the 3rd party reel, a Square-Enix highlight reel featuring Final Fantasy XV, World of Final, Nier and then a new FF7-Remake trailer to a mass of applause.


With that I think we’ll get straight into Shenmue III with an update from Yu Suzki and a small teaser of their progress.

And the final blowout will be another section of gaming earthquakes.

Following with the 3rd parties’ reel of already confirmed games and the catch up on FF7Remake and Shenmue we’ll get a first look at a few brand new 3rd party games (that will be multiplatform).

Capcom’s head honcho will come to the stage and present to the world Resident Evil 7. He then mentions that Resident Evil 2 Remake is well underway and we can expect to see it’s progress later on in the year.

And the most unexpected one, As soon as Capcom are off the stage, straight into a trailer which starts with the RockStar logo. And the debut trailer of the very heavily rumoured 3rd entry in the Red Dead Series is blasted to us.

This is the best conference ever right, well it’s going to get better.


Resident Evil…………..7

We’ll get another look at The Last Guardian, then we’ll get another look at Gran Turismo which by the time the conference hit’s will have had some details revealed as it’s due to debut to the world on May 19th. Quantic Dreams will show us more of Detroit, and Media Molecule will have another charming trailer ready for us showing more of “Dreams” off.


The Last Guardian – Gran Turismo Sport – Detroit: Being Human

And then 3 more games…A black screen with the sucker punch logo on the screen, and then a marvel logo appears, and then the noise of a ‘Web slinger’. Cut to the very heavily rumoured Sucker Punch developed Spider-Man PS4 game.

Trailer finishes crowd go nuts.


Spider-Man PS4 from Sucker Punch…Maybe?

Next Hideo Kojima comes to the stage to give us the briefest and smallest tease and look at his first game from Kojima Productions that’s PS4 console exclusive. I couldn’t even pretend to guess what it’ll be but it’s awesome and the fans are wooping and applauding loudly again.

Then Shawn Layden comes back to the stage to wrap the show up, he says that Sony have built a very special relationship with Activision during the years and the PS4 era has seen their relationship blossom with PS4 being the place to play Destiny and Call of Duty. “Thanks to the cooperation of Activision and our bond that’s grown over the years, please enjoy one of PlayStation’s greatest icons homecoming”

Trailer for new Crash Bandicoot for PS4.


Crash coming home?

And that’s the end of the conference. It’s not quite the trinity of 2015, but they have very much exceeded expectations again.

No mention of a PS4K / PSNeo here. If rumours are to be believed they’ll be saving this for TGS later in the year. It’s just games, games, VR, games and meltdowns.

Now prepare for none of this to be correct and just a fanboy’s wildest dreams write up.

– Murr

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