E3 2016 – Post Conference Trailers


Well the conferences are all over, Nintendo are due to start their treehouse show any minute, so we’ll be getting a look at Zelda and Nintendo’s other offerings, but in terms of conferences, we’re done (unless Take2 / RockStar pull one out the bag magically).

With that said, there were some games that unfortunately couldn’t get any air time in the conferences, so have had to settle with E3 launch trailers. Below is a selection of trailers that have released during E3 that as far as I can remember, didn’t feature in any conferences. (Disclaimer, I’m tired from all the E3 conferences).

NieR: Automata – Coming in 2017 for PS4


Nioh – Coming 2016 (possibly) – PS4

Gran Turismo Sport – Coming 2016 – PS4

Vampyr from Dontnod famed for Life is Strange –

Harvest Moon: Skytree Village – Nintendo 3DS

Gravity Rush 2 – 2016 Release – PS4

Here They Lie – PS4 / PSVR

Friday the 13th

I’m sure there’s more I’ve missed, but hey, E3 is a busy time. We’ll get them updated as we find them.

– Murr



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