E3 2016 – Sony Conference Summary


And onto what is my main event. The show I’ve been looking forward to the most despite the 2am start. So far we’re so good on anything leaking for Sony’s press conference. The only official thing we know is that PS4-Neo will not be at the show, so I assume we can expect lots of VR. Will we get Dreams 2.0? Here’s what Sony offered us.

Well Sony started their pre-show at 1:30am and kept the fans entertained with trailers for upcoming games that may not feature in the conference? We can confirm that in 2 hours. But anyway just during the preshow firstly they showed Abzu, followed up by the PlayStation exclusive “Bound”. We were also shown a trailer for free to play mech game Hawken and for Pyre from Bastion and Transistor creators SuperGiantGames. It’ll be on PS4 in 2017.

And onto the main show.

What struck me straight away about the show this year was the look of the venue. It seemed more like an opera was due to start than a video game conference.


And to start the show was a live orchestra being conducted, it was quite an epic intro.


Seriously, epic intro with some goose bump inducing music.

Once the music died down we were straight into a trailer for what looked like a new game, and it was a new game. It was God of War. We’re straight in. (Smug moment, I called it in my predictions). Kratos looks older, and has a bad ass beard. The trailer looks great. All the time the trailer is on, the orchestra are playing to the trailer adding a great background track for the epicness we are watching.

Shawn Layden is introduced to the stage once the trailer finishes. No Crash Bandicoot T-Shirt this time.

As has been the case all weekend Shawn takes a moment to pay his respects to the victims and families of the Orlando tragedy.

With the introductions and welcomes over, we’re straight into Bend Studios new game. It’s called Days Gone and It looks amazing.

No sooner has that trailer finished and we’re getting a new look at one of the biggies from last year, The Last Guardian. It’s looking much better than the last time we saw it. And it’s coming out on October 25th 2016.

We’re not getting a chance to catch our breath. As soon as one trailer finishes another begins. The reveal from last year Horizon: Zero Dawn is up next.


Still no breaks, who needs to talk right? Into another PlayStation 4 exclusive from Quantic Dreams. It’s Detroit: Become Human. Again it looks stunning.

Sony coming out in the opening 30 minutes guns blazing showing off their largest exclusive games. It’s incredible.

Next onto our first PS VR Experience. First glance it looks just like P.T. It looks terrifying and playing this in VR would surely cause heart attacks.

The game is revealed and it’s Resident Evil 7 and it’s out on January 24th.

Shawn Layden comes back to the stage to give us a breather from everything we’ve seen.

October 13th PSVR Launches at $399 in the States with 50 games available from launch till end of the year.

A look at PSVR exclusive is shown next it’s called Farpoint.

Next up, we get a look at PSVRR exclusive Battlefront.

A familiar voice can be heard, it sounds like the Joker portrayed by Mark Hamill. We’re then shown a teaser for Batman Arkham VR coming exclusively in October to PSVR.

Square-Enix logo pops up next and we’re shown Final Fantasy 15. Once that trailer is complete, we’re then teased seeing Final Fantasy 15 played in VR. It’s then confirmed that there is a FF15 VR experience.

It’s Call of Duty time. We get Infinite Warfare and COD Modern Warfare Remaster. This takes me back. Also Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remaster can be played first on PS4 only. 30 days before other consoles.

It’s happening. Crash Bandicoot 1,2 & 3 are being remastered from the ground up for PS4. Also Crash is in Skylanders. Only trailer so far is of Crash in Skylanders, but the important thing is the original trilogy are being reworked from the ground up.crash

Andrew House is introduced to the stage next. He introduces Hideo Kojima to the stage in dramatic fashion. He receives a thunderous ovation. He shows off his new project running in real time.

Norman Reedus is in the game. Kojima and Reedus remain tight. The game is called Death Stranding.

SPIDERMAN IS REAL. The Spiderman PS4 game is real, and it’s created by Insomniac Games.

Shawn Layden is back to the stage again after the Spiderman trailer.

Live demo of Days Gone see’s the show out.

Wow… what a conference. No RockStar games, but still wow.

– Murr


3 thoughts on “E3 2016 – Sony Conference Summary

  1. Great work with all the e3 shenanigans. Having covered it a couple of years ago, I know it’s a lot of work – especially with the time difference and whatnot. I, for one, have loved having all the main stuff pop up in my WP reader, so many thanks for that!

    *doffs cap*

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