E3 2016 – Ubisoft Conference Summary


So Microsoft had a strong showing earlier in the evening, although a lot of the news was previously leaked. Next up is Ubisoft who had been quite tight barring the Watch_Dogs mess up by IGN. However a few hours before Ubisoft’s conference was due to start a trophy list was discovered for South Park Stick of Truth for PS4, and a trademark was revealed for “Grow Up” which we can only assume is a follow up to Grow Home. Would they show up in the Ubi conference. Find out below:

Well, perhaps not quite the start to the conference most would have expected. The first thing we’re treated to is Queen blaring out to the crowd and Just Dance. Off to a…. urr… umm… catchy start?

After that intro Aisha Tyler takes the stage as she has done the past 4 E3’s for Ubisoft. She starts off with positive message of support for victims in Orlando.

Back onto Just Dance and Aisha confirms it’ll be out in October on all platforms and will be out on NX next year too.

Can always bank on Aisha to get the crowd laughing and it’s no different this year bringing her girl wood comment back to the conference. It’s a special anniversary for Ubisoft as they’re celebrating their 30th birthday.

The first game we get to see? Well we’re straight onto Ghost Recon: Wildland’s that “blew our fucking minds” in the words of Aisha.

We also get our first look in game. It looks incredible.

Ghost Recon Wildlands will release on March 7th 2017.

Next up it’s South Park. Jason Schroeder is on stage and introduces Trey Parker and Matt Stone to the stage to explain what happens in Fractured But Whole. We get a first look at gameplay. They show off the ability to create your own super hero.

If you buy Fractured But Whole, you get Stick of Truth for PS4 / Xbox One for free. It’ll be out on December 6th.

And we’re off to The Division which is now making it’s 4th E3 appearance. It’s getting to the levels of Destiny E3 appearances now. 3 Outfits are being added to the game, Ghost Recon, Rainbow 6 and Splinter Cell. They come with the release of Underground DLC.

We’re shown a trailer for Survival which is the 2nd expansion.


Off into the world of VR now, as the creators of Oculus and Eagle Flight are brought to the stage to show the game and VR off.

Next up David Votypka is on stage to follow up the VR segment and introduces Star Trek VR. They have previous Star Trek cast members playing the game and giving their experiences of the game.


Next up we get a look at For Honor. Last year when this was first revealed I wasn’t overly sold on it. However the trailer that was shown at this conference looked incredible and gauged my interest massively. A Viking fighting a samurai fighting a knight? Sign me up!

We get a confirmation that it’ll release on 2nd February 2017. Nice valentines day present there.

So the next leak from earlier became a reality. The sequel from Grow Home was confirmed, Grow Up was announced. It’ll be out in August for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Next up the creators of Trials and Blood Dragon are on the stage in some rather ridiculous outfits. They drop a trailer for the love child of Trials and Blood Dragon. It’s called… Trials of the Blood Dragon. It’s out as soon as the conference ends.

As predicted in my Ubisoft prediction post we are indeed getting a look at the Assassins Creed movie to make up for the lack of Assassins Creed game this year.

And into the final part of the show. The stage is “Hacked”. What could be going on? Another look at Watch_Dogs 2 which I’m actually looking forward to.

Once the gameplay is finished Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot takes to the stage to discuss Watch_Dogs 2. He announces that Ubisoft are going to continue working with Sony for Watch_Dogs 2 as Watch_Dogs and Sony was a successful partnership. Sony also announced that they’ve singed a movie deal with Ubisoft for Watch_Dogs films.

PS4 will get access to all Watch_Dogs 2 DLC 30 days before others.

Back to Yves Guillemot to announce the “one more thing” moment of the conference. The game is called “Steep”.  It’s a snowboarding / skiing / base jumping game that looks pretty impressive. And it’s nice to have a snowboarding / skiing game on this generation consoles.


Aisha calls all the developers back to the stage to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Ubisoft, Yves takes centre stage and thanks the fans for their support. He continues about his love for video games and love for working in the industry for 3 decades. And with that we see the show out with a montage video of Ubisofts past, present and future.

– Murr


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