Geekly Review #147

Just me today as Murr is still recovering from turning another year older.

A little while back I wrote a piece about how I struggled to complete single player games. But, weirdly this weekend I had the urge to jump back on The Witcher 3 – yes, I’ve still not completed it. I don’t know where the urge came from but I decided it would be best to act on it. Across the weekend I probably played around 6 hours and I loved it. I loved the Witcher 3 when it first came out, but for some reason after getting to around level 20 I just lost some interest. It didn’t help that most of my time playing was spent challenging people to games of Gwent – I love Gwent. I think I still have a fair way to go in the game, but I feel a new found or renewed love of the game – not that I didn’t love it when I was first on it.

Witcher Gwent

I love Gwent!

I’d forgotten how alive the world felt, it really is one of the best open world maps I’ve played on. I remember when I first made my way through one of the forests and was pretty blown away by how dense and life like they felt and I still get that same feeling when going through them now.


Maybe I will actually get it completed now.

Of Kings and Men

Last week we did a Q&A with one of the developers from Of Kings and Men. The game also came out via early access last week and over the weekend I got a chance to have a little play on it!

Of Kings And Men is an independently developed, third-person multiplayer ‘Persistent Medieval War’ game.
Set in 13th century with both European and Eastern influences, you play as a character in a vast open world full of alliances and conflict, with an emphasis on player-driven experiences.


I only managed to play the conquest mode after having a quick tutorial on what to do. I have to say, it’s hard! The combat takes some getting used to whilst everyone I was fighting against seemed to be a pro and would take me down within seconds. It was pretty intense with the high number of people involved. I can see that if I manage to get better at the game it will be really good fun.

I did find a little bit of success with the bow as I was able to sit back and take pot shots, but in a hand to hand situation I wasn’t doing so well. I will definitely be going back to try and hone my skills in preparation for launch of ‘The Epic’ as I think that sounds like the most interesting part.


The world of OKAM will be very barren in the beginning, until players start to construct outposts; over time, the more successful outposts will turn into villages, towns, cities. All of that is fully player-controlled and designed. While outposts or small production facilities can be run alone or with a group of friends only, the larger you want to become the more feudal you have to become.

There are various different roles that appeal to different players. There is no actual role classification; you can create characters that specialize in one, or try and do everything.

If you want to become more than a sole wanderer around the land you will either need to form or join a faction. Factions will control areas within the world, sometimes contested, sometimes full control of entire cities.

Of Kings And Men will feature a vast world where players can explore and discover various resources across the land that will benefit both you and your faction.

There will be a constant struggle for power, and you as the players will write your own stories of conquests and Epic battles.


The Epic should be coming this week on the 1st September and I can’t wait to give it a go.

Cortex Competition

We also reviewed a great card game called Cortex last week and we’re doing a giveaway for it too! You can win yourself a copy of the game. All you have to do to enter is tell us your favourite board game! So what are you waiting for? Details for the competition can be found here.



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