Geekly Review #224

Another week gone, another week of gaming and other geeky activities. Here’s our weekly roundup of what we’ve been up to.

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

So last week I mentioned I’d started on The Old Blood, well one week later I can say I’ve completed it. Initially the first stages of the game that had you escaping castle Wolfenstein I found really quite boring. I was quite taken aback by how stealth based the game was to start with. A pretty dramatic shift of feeling compared to The New Order which was completely batshit insane, fun and all out action.

Fortunately though chapter 4 when you have escaped the castle and find yourself on the run in the village the game picks up. And then some. I’d not read anything on this game before starting it as ideally you’d like to play the game spoiler free. Well I was completely shocked when the campaign took a turn and brought zombie nazis to the campaign. Things certainly picked up here.

The final boss was another shocker, wasn’t sure what to expect playing this game, but had assumed it’d be a prequel to New Order. What I got was a random but highly entertaining  take on WW2 featuring Nazi’s as expected, Zombies and massive supernatural bosses.

Call of Duty: WW2

Surprise, I’m still hooked to COD WW2. Been back playing my usual game mode of Hardcore Domination with friends and thourougly enjoying some high kill to death ratio matches. But more importantly, after being disappointed last week that prop hunt had disappeared, its back and I’ve been playing it a lot. It’s so damn funny with friends.

When you’re on the hunter side the 4 minutes that you’ve got to hunt the props goes so damn quickly, it can feel like you’ll never find anyone. Especially on certain maps like Aachen. But when the tables turn and you’re trying to hide it seems like the time takes absolutely ages to tick down.

We’ve had some incredible fun in our group playing this mode as of late. It’s pretty amusing being the last prop alive and having your team mates feel your fear as the hunters shoot literally everything they see around you.

Yup, the most right prop… that’s me

– Murr

Sea of Thieves

The final beta for Sea of Thieves has come and gone, the difference with this one, was that it was open so other people who hadn’t pre-ordered or were part of the Alpha testing were able to try it out, so I was finally able to play with some friends! There were also a few new activities to try out from the Merchant Alliance which are basically quests to hunt down and capture certain animals. They also added in skeleton forts which are a min raid wave based PVE activity where you face off against waves of skeletons and once you’ve defeated them all you get access to a large stash of loot. I didn’t actually try the forts as we just got distracted.

Anyway, here is a bit more gameplay from my YouTube channel from playing this weekend.

I honestly can’t wait for the full release, it’s so much fun and I was really happy that my friends also enjoyed the game, as I will now have others to play with.

Vermintide 2

Last week saw the release of Vermintide 2, the followup to the popular co-op hack and slash game where you fight your way through hordes of enemies. I’ve only played a short amount, but so far I’m really impressed with it. To me it seems like almost all areas – that I’ve experienced so far, are an improvement over the first game. It seems pretty tough even on the easiest setting, but I think that’s just because I have rubbish gear and don’t know what I’m doing at the moment.

The settings for the levels seem a lot more varied and there are also a lot of new enemy types, so that’s keeping things really interesting so far. I also like the idea of the new class professions, although I’ve not unlocked any yet, but they all look really different so should give you a lot of options for how you want to play. Everything is as gory as ever and I find all the combat really satisfying, with limbs regularly finding themselves detached from their owners bodies.

My main problem with the first one was the grind for getting new gear, it seemed really long and a bit convoluted to me, so I’m hoping that it’s a little better in this game. It’s hard to judge that right now as I’ve not managed to complete one level, we all keep dying – again I’m putting this down to people being new and not us being terrible, at least I hope that’s the case…

We will be doing a full review for the game, so keep yours eyes open for that!


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