Pre E3 2018 – Rumours, Leaks & Confirmations

So the previous years that we’ve covered E3, there is always hype and excitement around the days of the conferences. However, in the last 2 years some developers have revealed news before the conferences which in turn sparks more interest in their conferences for 2 reasons. 1… well now I want to watch their conference to see more of said game, and 2…  if they’re revealing this now so early and not at E3, their conference must be stacked. And it’s not just early confirmations that start to do the rounds in the build up to E3. We tend to start seeing the ships begin to spring leaks, rumours start to surface and of course hype and hysteria make these rumours seem even more plausible. So here we’ll round up all the happenings that are taking place before the big show.

Last year we did 2 of these, one post the month before, and one about a week before the conferences actually started. Wonder if this year we’ll be needing the same?


What started off as Walmart posting a placeholder box for RAGE 2 escalated rather quickly into a pretty much dead cert that it exits with the official twitter of RAGE correcting errors on the Walmart page. Bethesda then commented in a jokingly fashion.

This was then followed up by Pete Hines the SVP of marketing and comms at Bethesda tweeting.

So there you have the first leak of E3 2018. This leak would then actually go on to be confirmed officially.


Retro Studios Working on Star Fox Racer?

Yup you are reading this correctly. Retro might well be working on a new racing game for Nintendo, and it’s not featuring Captain Falcon and the Blue Falcon, but Fox McCloud and I’d guess his Arwing? Who know’s. While this started to sound ridiculous, there is more and more momentum building with this rumour with sites such as GameInformer, Kotaku & Eurogamer all starting to publish articles on this potential game. Further still there is more rumours that Retro were working on a different project also which is in trouble, potentially even being cancelled with all focus going on this supposed Star Fox Racer. It’s an odd one that’s for sure.


Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee

What started as a rumour on 4Chan is rapidly becoming a reality. A post detailing specifics on a Pokemon Game was floating around with a logo which initially needed to be taken with a pinch of salt. However it’s now looking likely these games exist as Nintendo trademarked the web domains today. Not only that GAMEFREAK are posting some very teasing tweets too.

Battlefield V to be revealed 23rd May

And in another confirmation. Battlefield V is real, and will be showcased to the world on 23rd May by Trever Noah. Looking forward to this one:

So probably plenty more leaks and confirmations to come before E3 but that’ll do for now. If and when others arise we’ll simply post more.

– Murr

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