Geekly Review #233

As another weeks rolls by, lets’ check out what we’ve been playing!

Destiny 2

The latest DLC for Destiny 2 came out last week and I’ve been spending most of my time getting to know it! Just before it’s release I wrote about how I thought this expansion could be make or break for Destiny 2 and it’s player base. So did it deliver?

I think it did for the most part it did, but there we still a few short comings – mostly with the story.

The Warmind expansion focuses on Rasputin and Ana Bray in the polar ice caps of Mars. There is a lot of new lore introduced and it’s pretty good. The main focus for our Guardians is tracking down and defeating Xol, one of the five worm gods. Along the way we also get to meet Nokris Herald of Xol. If you don’t know, Nokris is the brother of Crota and therefore a son of Oryx, albeit disfavoured and outcast by his father. Nonetheless, he’s still a pretty big deal, but he almost pops up out of nowhere, we fight him, and then move on. Just like that, he’s gone. Just like that two new Hive gods are introduced to the game and we brush them aside like they were nothing.

This has been the problem with Destiny 2′ s story telling, there are too many throw away battles with these so called gods. Panoptes, Xol and Nokris have all been introduced quickly and then just as quickly have been dealt with. Crota has a whole raid dedicated to beating him and then when we did, his dad came along and was the focus of a huge expansion and another raid.

I enjoyed the lore for this expansion and the characters it introduced I just don’t want them all so easily dealt with. Let’s build it up a bit, give them room to grow as an enemy.

Also, can we have a little more faith put in our guardians at this point, why does everyone always doubt we can finish a task. Up to this point we’ve literally defeated multiple gods, we are basically gods, why are spoken to like its our first day on the job.

I digress slightly…

Had a good grind for this beauty!

Everything else from the expansion though, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed, the ranks in multiplayer are something new to grind and have – from the looks of it, decent rewards. There are new weapons to grind for from various activities which I like. I feel like I can jump online and make some kind of progression to something at the moment. Escalation Protocol is a challenging new activity – seriously it’s tough, I’ve only beat level 1 once and there are 7 levels to it.

The only thing that feels a bit annoying right now is that once you hit 340 power, your progression basically halts, so it will be interesting to see how that progresses over the weeks as resets come along and new powerful engrams are available. But I hit 340 very quickly from about 310 and since then I’ve gone up 2 power levels with probably double the time played from 310 to 340…

For me, Destiny 2 is going in the right direction even though it shouldn’t have needed to, they should’ve learnt way before this and to be honest I feel like D2 in today’s state with all the additional content should’ve been how it was at release.

Far: Lone Sails

This week sees the release of one of my highlights from this years EGX Rezzed, Far: Lone Sails. The vehicle adventure game comes out on the 17th and it’s my pleasure to be able to bring you some gameplay today. I’ve played the game for roughly an hour at this point and I love it and have gameplay of roughly the first 30 minutes to show you.



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