E3 2018: Sony – What to Expect?

Well, we’re less than 2 weeks away from mid year Christmas. Annual leave is all booked in to  recover from the late night’s watching the E3 conferences. So as we anticipate the big days, as always here’s our look at what we expect and hope to see from the conferences. First up, usually my personal favourite, Sony’s conference.

Well, the cat is already out of the bag for what Sony will be showing. They will be showcasing 4 large games with huge in depth looks. Spider-Man, Death Stranding, The Last of Us Part 2 and Ghost of Tsushima. I’m pretty hyped about this and can’t wait to see some proper (hopefully) gameplay footage of 3 of the 4. Not to say I’m not hyped about Spider-Man because of course I am. But we’ve seen quite a lot of this already. Really can’t wait to see Death Stranding.

While the format appears to be already drawn out and the conference or direct games appear to be confirmed I would expect that there could still be a few games that we know that aren’t listed that will make an appearance such as Medievil, Days Gone and Dreams.

Sony also mentioned that there will be 3rd parties also showcasing their games. Expect to see Activision with Black Op’s and perhaps more updates for Destiny 2. From what I recall the COD & Sony partnership is still on and expect Microsoft will be have Battlefield 5 demo at their show. If the rumours are true, Capcom might finally be revealing Devil May Cry 5 finally. I’d expect to see this reveal at the Sony show. And I think we’ll get a proper reveal of FromSoftware’s next project which I think will end up being a PlayStation exclusive again like Bloodborne.

If Ubisoft do reveal Watch Dogs 3 during their conference I wouldn’t be surprised if we see this also at the Sony show. I guess it depends how much time the 4 key games get.

I don’t expect the conference to go in this order, but there will probably also be an indie reel showcasing the best of upcoming indie titles coming to PS4, hopefully a handful that we had the pleasure of playing at EGX Rezzed.

So, not quite as exciting as previous Sony conferences where they’ve dropped bombshell new titles, in fact given that I suspect that Sony are keeping one eye on the end of the PS4 life cycle and start of the PS5 generation, there won’t be much at all now in terms of new game reveals other than possibly some remaster games. We’re pretty much accounted for with regards to Sony’s big first party studios and what they’re developing or have got out of the door already. So the developers that have delivered such as Guerilla Games, Sony Santa Monica and Quantic Dreams will no doubt now be on track with there next projects that are more than likely going to be for the PS5. Don’t expect to see them until next year’s E3 or close to the initial reveal of the PS5.

There is still plenty to be excited about though that’ll be for sure.

 – Murr

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