PlayStation Countdown to E3 – Daily Updates

Update 10/06/2018

So we’re onto the final day of the build up to the PlayStation press conference due to take place tomorrow, and we’ve got the final daily surprise which can be seen at the bottom of this post. But to summarise in a short paragraph what we’ve had so far in the build up. We’ve had the reveal of Tetris Effect for PS4 featuring VR. Next up we had the release date of February 22nd 2019 for Days Gone with a new trailer for it. We got a brand new game with reveal of Twin Mirror which is a new DotNod game being published by Namco Bandai. And yesterday we had the reveal of really cool looking VR game called Ghost Giant. Probably my favourite announcement of them all so far. And now we’re onto the final day of hype. Scroll down below to see all the trailers for the 5 days leading up to PS4 E3 Conference.


Sony appear to be ditching the standard pre-show for E3 this year in favour of announcements each day till their conference takes place. As we’re all about E3, and these announcements will include new games, we’ll update this post daily with the latest offering from Sony. Here’s the agenda for the next few days:

Wednesday, 6th June at 4.00PM BST/5.00pm CEST
Announce: New PS4 game With PS VR support

Thursday, 7th June at 4.00PM BST/5.00pm CEST
Release date for an upcoming Worldwide Studios title

Friday, 8th June at 4.00PM BST/5.00pm CEST
Announce: New PS4 game

Saturday, 9th June at 4.00PM BST/5.00pm CEST
Announce: New PS VR game

Sunday, 10th June at 4.00PM BST/5.00pm CEST
Details: An eagerly anticipated game comes to PS VR

Day 1


It’s a new PS4 game with a VR mode, and it’s our first look. It’s Tetris, It’s called Tetris Effect coming in Fall 2018. It’s certainly a rather big song and dance trailer for Tetris heh. But here is the trailer.

Day 2

As well as announcing a release date for PS4 game, PlayStation blog also announced another couple game coming to PS4 with release date for an added bonus.

First up from the PlayStation Blog Persona 3 Dancing in the Moonlight and Persona 5 Dancing in Starlight were announced to be heading to PS4 and PSVita.


And the release date that was announced at 4pm was for Days Gone featuring an awesome new look at the game. The release date is 22nd February 2019.

Day 3

Today’s game is from Life Is Strange creators DotNod, and is published by Namco Bandai. It’s called Twin Mirror. It really reminded me of Farenheit back on the PS2 & Xbox days. It’s a pretty decent reveal trailer that came sort of out of nowhere.

Day 4

Day 4 reveal was for a PlayStation VR game. It’s from the makers of ‘Flippin Death’ and it’s called Ghost Giant. It initially reminded me of Tearaway and Little Big Planet which is no way a bad thing. Looked very impressive and a lot of fun to play.

Final Day – Day 5

So the final game is one that’s had a lot of people pretty excited for a while. It’s Beat Saber.

Stay tuned for further daily updates.

– Murr

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