Geekly Review #271

It’s safe to say that my new job has definitely an impact on content. I’m still trying to get settled in to my new role and that will probably take a while, until then things may be a bit more sporadic on here and posted at different times etc…

Anyway, let’s check in and see what we’ve been up to.


Last week I touched on Anthem and basically that I’d not really had enough time to form a proper opinion on it and that I wanted to get a little more stuck in to it.

Thankfully I’ve had some more time to play, but I still don’t really feel that clued up on it all. I’m just making my way through the story mission and everything else is kind of being forgotten.

I’ve unlocked a new Javelin – I went for the Inteceptor, a quick and agile glass cannon. It’s pretty fun to play and has a very different play style to the Storm which is really cool, but I feel like I’m really lacking in any decent abilities to really make the most of it. I kind of still feel very squishy with it. That will partly because I’m still learning it, but also because my main abilities just don’t seem to do much damage at the moment.

I do however really like that there is such a massive contrast between the classes, it really makes playing different ones feel like you’re playing in an entirely different way.

The downside is that the performance of the game seems to get worse every time I log on. Terrible network performance, gameplay lag, average optimisation are all making it more difficult for me to actually enjoy the game. I’ve had some glorious bugs where I’ve been stuck walking backwards, spawned in to missions in a downed state and stuttering to the point where I can’t play the game at all.

It’s a shame as I think there is some good stuff in Anthem, but it’s being marred by so many other things. I will however press on. I feel like this is some kind of month long review now…

Project Winter

I actually got to play Project Winter a few months back when they held some closed beta’s and I really enjoyed it then. The full game is out now and whilst I’ve not really had a lot of time to check it out I just wanted to give it a shoutout more than anything, one because I will be covering more when I’ve had a proper chance to get stuck in, but two because I like giving interesting indie games shoutouts.

Project Winter is an 8 player co-op survival esque game, where you have to work together to try and escape a hellish frozen landscape, but there can be traitors among you who want to see you fail. You must work together to complete goals in order to gain enough materials to call in an evacuation all whilst the traitor is trying to sabotage you. You can try and weed them out and then exile them, but the wiliest traitors will be tough to spot.

It’s a fun game and I think it has great potential to give you a lot of laughs and fun moments. Give it a look!


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