Geekly Review #274

I feel like this year has got off to a really good start in terms of games, I feel like I’m playing new titles almost every week and it’s great, but also terrible for my backlog. And on that note, let’s check out another new release.

The Division 2

After the (what I perceive as) failure of Anthem’s launch, I was honestly pretty skeptical about buying in to another looter shooter style game quite so quickly, but since it’s early release to those who pre-ordered or bought the expensive edition or whatever it was, I was hearing mostly good things.

Then the inevitable happened, one friend bought it, said it was good so now I had to also get it so we could play together. I’m happy that I did – so far.

To me it seems like first Division game but better. I’ve had no issues with any bugs or anything like that, the gameplay is good, Washington looks really good and is packed full of detail, plus the loot is satisfying.

Whilst I felt Anthem fell down in a lot of ways, it was it’s lack of interesting loot that bothered me. All the guns looks pretty much the same, there is no different looking armour to collect – a MASSIVE oversight in my opinion. But with the Division 2, I’ve been picking up loads of new guns, lots of which feel and look very different, I’m picking up armour pieces that change the way I look and cosmetic clothing that gives my character a new look but has no other effect.

Miserable rain makes you hunch over in dissatisfaction.

The enemy AI also seems a little smarter than previously making firefights more interesting. Should you find a nice bit of cover they will try and out flank you fairly regularly. Whilst I don’t think it’s that difficult, if you don’t have your wits about you, you can end up being overrun and taken down.

To be honest, I’m probably a little too early in to the gameplay (around 5 hours) to really say if it’s a great game, but I have nothing but positive things to say about it when compared to the first. If you enjoyed The Division, I don’t see any real reason why you wouldn’t enjoy the sequel.

I’m excited to get stuck in to the game a lot more!


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