Geekly Review #278

Another week bites the dust so let’s check out what we’ve been playing!

Risk of Rain 2

I never played the first Risk of Rain, although it would pop up multiple times in various recommended queues, probably because it ticked a lot of boxes for the types of games I play – co-op, multiplayer, looting etc…

Risk of Rain 2 pretty much dropped out of no where and it has had amazing reviews on steam, so over the weekend after a few stressful games of Apex Legends, me and Ross wanted a change of pace, something a little less intense. Little did we know that Risk of Rain 2 was far from relaxing, but it is amazing.

You drop in, in your pod and from that moment on it’s a hail of bullets and mayhem with every increasing difficulty until you die. Along the way you’ll collect upgrades, perks and other weapons to help you combat that massive amount of enemies you have to deal with and it’s a hell of a lot of fun.

In order to progress from one stage to another, you have to find a teleporter, when you do this triggers a boss to spawn and you have yo defeat it and unlock the teleporter to get to the next stage. There are no real time limits to how long you have to complete a stage, but there is a difficulty bar that ticks up constantly, meaning the longer you spend hanging around doing not a lot, the harder things will get later on. It’s a really interesting mechanic and one that I actually really like.

But the thing is, is Risk of Rain 2 isn’t actually difficult in the sense that it’s hard to pick up or there’s lots to learn. That side of the game is actually really easy. The difficulty comes from the sheer number of enemies you have to deal with. It gets very intense very quickly and the excellent sound track that ramps up with the difficulty doesn’t help with the stress levels.

The game is a blast and I can’t wait to delve deeper in to it with more friends and unlock the other characters to check out all their unique abilities and play styles.

Void Bastards

As I’m sure a lot of you know EGX Rezzed was last weekend, it was a good weekend of gaming and general nerding out, there were a few games that really caught my eye, Void Bastards being one of them. Check out what I though of it here.

The Future of GSRR

In other news on Saturday we had an awesome planning session for the future of this site. For a while we’ve want to do a little more and change the way it all looks and now we’re finally putting a bit of a plan in to place to do that. We don’t know when it will all be done yet, but the first steps are in place and we’re super excited to share it all with you lovely lot when it’s all done! Don’t worry, we will shout very loudly about it, so you won’t miss it.


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