What’s New In Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves anniversary update is about to hit your shores and we’re here to let you know all of the new things coming in the latest update made up of three major parts – Tall Tales, The Arena and The Hunter’s Call. Grab some Grog and let’s get to it.

When is it coming?

30th April 2019, around 4pm BST.

How much does the anniversary update cost?

Nothing, nada, zilch. Just like all other previous content for Sea of Thieves, The Anniversary update is also free.

How do I get it?

Sea of Thieves is available to buy on Xbox One and PC for £39.99. Alternatively you can sign up to the Xbox Game Pass for £7.99 a month and Sea of Thieves is included in that to play on both Xbox One or PC alongside a load of other games.

If you have the game via any of those means then the update will automatically download when it’s out.

You only need to buy Sea of Thieves once and you’ll have it on both PC and Xbox One.

In order to play on Xbox One you will need an Xbox Live Gold membership, but this is not needed if playing on PC.

What is Tall Tales?

Tall Tales – Shores of Gold will let pirates embark on a series of interconnected tales of wonder and discovery, exploring the stories of some of the characters who live on the Sea of Thieves. Get lost in the quintessential pirate adventure as you set sail on a quest for a lost island, believed to hide mythical powers. During your adventure you’ll find new artifacts and enchanted items, new destinations and a lot more.

Tall Tales introduces Skeleton Lords to the game, the toughest of all the bony enemies you’ve fought so far. They’re said to have their own unique attacks and abilities so expect a few surprises from them.

The quests you embark upon will be full of treasure, but in order to get to them you’ll have to solve puzzles and beat all new traps hidden around any corner. It should certainly bring a little more variation and excitement when exploring.

What is The Arena?

The Arena is an all new game mode coming to Sea of Thieves that allows players to get straight in to the action with a competitive mode that pits players against each other as they fight for riches.

Headed by a new faction – The Sea Dogs, operating out of a new Tavern location, you will fight to earn as much silver as possible to claim the top spot, to do this you will all be given a map which marks numerous treasure chests on an island, it’s then a race – and battle, to see who can get their hands on it and return it to the Sea Dogs ship.

You’ll need to use all your skills and knowledge in order to come out on top in this brilliant sounding game mode that also adds a whole host of new items to unlock for your character and ship.

What is The Hunter’s Call?

Merrick is back and has brought with him a new trading company known as The Hunter’s Call. They will give you the oppourtunity to master new skills such as hunting, cooking and FISHING!

Fishing is a new activity that can be done either on shores or from your boat. You’ll be able to cast a line in to the oceans and try and catch a wide variety of fish which you can then cook afterwards.

Cooking has it’s own benefits that you can make the most of should you become a master chef. Perfectly cooking certain foods will give you health regeneration over time. Where-as eating raw food will most certainly leave you spewing up (probably over your friends)

Hunting and gathering also plays a part in the game now, you will be able to hunt the animals on the islands, gather new fruits and even hunt bigger game in the depths. Mastering hunting and netting the big game will bring in better rewards for you and your crew.

The Hunter’s Call brings a whole host of new unlockable cosmetics and rewards.

What else is coming?

It’s not just these three things that are coming in the anniversary update you will also see:-

  • Various world changes and improvements, that aim to enhance the core experience.
  • New types of ship damage,
    • Your masts can now be knocked down by cannon fire,
    • The capstan can be damaged making it harder to pull up your anchor.
    • The ships wheel can be damaged creating difficulties with maneuvering.
    • Ship holes can now be bigger if shot more than once meaning you’ll need more wood to repair it and it will let in more water.
  • Harpoons have been added to ships meaning you can now latch on to enemy ships and get in close ready for boarding. You can pull resources out of the water, ever harpoon on to rocks allowing you to perform advanced moves with your ship.

It’s been a little while since I’ve played Sea of Thieves, but this has definitely got my interested in getting back on the seas. It’s good to see the game going from strength to strength since it’s release and it’s all been free content too. You can hardly complain about that!


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