Geekly Review #281


Mordhau is probably one of the goriest, most brutal games I’ve played and I love it. It’s like being in a battle scene straight out of Game of Thrones – minus the walkers and dragons.

Mordhau has been kicking around in the back of my mind for a little while ever since I saw a few videos pop up on it a little while back. It looked like it could be pretty good fun, but I was still a little skeptical as usually these first person hack and slash style games feel a little clunky to me. But over the weekend I decided to give it a try and I’m very glad that I did.

There are three main games modes to play, Horde which sees you and other players facing off against waves of AI that increase in difficulty each round. Battle Royale – which I’m yet to try out, but I think you can probably guess what it is. Then the final ‘main’ mode, Frontline which is player vs player and you try to push each other back through the map as you fight for control over objectives. There are also the more traditional death match and team death match modes too.

I’ve managed to squeeze in about 7 hours over the weekend mostly on Frontline and Horde and they’re both very fun modes.

The combat takes a little getting used to and works much like it does in Kingdom Come Deliverance – if you’ve played that. You can attack from different angles based on where you’re aiming and similarly block in the same manner. There are a wide variety of weapons to get to grips with and they all play quite differently, my preference so far has been the spear, allowing me to jab at people from a distance – it’s very satisfying.

Once you get the hang of the controls and some of the weapons it’s starts to get really good fun. It is tough, but it’s also pretty rewarding when you come out on top of a fight where you’re out numbered.

Pandemic Express

Tiny Build’s latest game Pandemic Express has just released, it’s kind of like Halo’s Infected game mode but on a bigger scale. 30 players spawn on a map, once player becomes a zombie like creature and they have to kill the other players, once you’re killed you become a zombie too.

The players trying to survive have to escape on a train that travels through a pretty large map, along the way you will be able to pick up weapons to defend yourself from the infected.

Infected players also have a few tool up their sleeve too, they have what is essentially an ultimate ability that when charged let’s you use a special power, one of with is where you become a bomb on death which I made pretty good use of when playing!

It’s a pretty fun game, although I’ve not had much of a chance to play too much yet, but I could see it being fun with some friends.

– Will

Stardew Valley

So help me, this game is the destroyer of my back catalogue. As we make the transition into Spring and maybe even Summer at some point this year, I tend to move plants from the greenhouse and office into the garden, when I say plants, I mean the likes of pepper, chilli, tomato, celery, beetroot, runner beans, cucumber, courgette, butternut squash… I get right into my ‘crop’ growing.

Well, funny thing is, this always puts me in the mood for my go to farm simulator Stardew Valley. So this week I’ve started up farm number 4. As I always say before starting a new farm on this game, I’m not going to be the artisan expert farmer making truffle and expensive wine. So far I’ve stuck to my guns, but I feel it won’t be long till I upgrade the barn enough to house some pigs to sniff out that trouble for me. Once I can get my hand on some ancient fruit, the fun really begins as that’s where the money is made, again another thing I’m hoping to avoid on this play through. My current play time logged on this farm is already 8hours. That’s tame compared to the 3 other farms all ranging from 50 to 70 hours effort. I need help.

Not my farm


I’ve had the privilege to play and review a couple of games of late. Fell Seal: Arbiters Mark for PS4 which I’ve loved, and Guard Duty for PC which is an enjoyable point and click title.

Check them out:

Fell Seal: Arbiters Mark

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