#LoveIndies – Big Crown Showdown

Developer: Hyper Luminal
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch & PC
Genres: Party / Brawler / Platformer

I can’t really say that multiplayer games are my thing anymore. Now a days it’s difficult to gather friends on console to play online and other groups of friends have since got opposite consoles to myself, moved to PC or just flat out don’t play games online much if at all anymore. So with that in mind when it came to reviewing Big Crown Showdown I was concerned that this may dampen my experience with it even though I did play it locally with friends on the sofa for the review.

My friends and I picked this up one evening after I had bugged them for a few days if they could come over and play it in aid for me to review it. I started by giving them the explanation that it was similar to Legend of Zelda: 4 Swords in that I believed it was a cooperative multiplayer game where you had to complete the levels but demonstrate some greed in collecting more coins then them by the end of the level. How wrong I was. What we have here is a frantic party game with hints of brawler as you are dropped at the start of a level that is constantly pushing you and your rivals forwards towards an end target. It’s essentially a race to get there first for some bonus points while on the way collecting more coins than your opposition as well as trying to smash them off the level while making your way to the end. This would turn out to be much better than the game I initially thought it would be and had incorrectly explained to my friends.

Big Crown Showdown was certainly a surprise for me and my friends for that matter, we ended up playing this for hours as the competitive nature in us all wanted to remain the champion at the end of each round after collecting 20 points to win. We also wanted to unlock the array of unique hats that make your character look rather hilarious. Such a simple hook, but it got us. We didn’t have any hesitation starting rounds over and over again and just lost track of time in this hilarious brawler to claim the crown.

The fact that it was playable locally on the couch was a huge win for us and it has since gone down to feature in many evenings at my place when wanting to pass some time. And I don’t mean that negatively. Superbowl doesn’t start till midnight? Lets play some Big Crown, Wanting a BBQ and waiting for others to arrive before lighting it up… Big Crown. Even became a great game to play on evenings where all we’ve wanted to do is have a few beers. It’s become more hilarious as we’ve drank more.

A hugely enjoyable experience locally on the couch with friends. Be sure to check out my other hugely glowing reactions in our review and in my first ever video review.

Big Crown Showdown Review – https://geeksleeprinserepeat.com/2018/12/10/big-crown-showdown-ps4-review/


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