Desperados 3 Review

Cooper is back with a new gang on a new adventure across the Wild West in Desperados 3. Mimimi has created yet another stellar stealth, real-time tactics game. For this Desperados 3 review, we were provided with a free copy…

Best games to play with friends – Cooperative

“Maybe the real treasure was the friends we made along the way” A meme that’s been around for a long time, but one that sort of resurfaced when Sea of Thieves came along. Releasing to a fair amount of negativity,…

GreedFall Channelling Bioware of Old

Prime Bioware delivered some of my favourite ever games, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, Mass Effect and to a lesser extent Jade Empire and Baldur’s Gate. They had a number of hits and became the benchmark for many…

Rocket league swaps crates out for ‘blueprints’ in an effort to make it more transparent

This December, Rocket League from Psyonix will see an update in which they remove all of their crates and keys entirely, in exchange for a new vanity item mechanic called Blueprints.

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