Geekly Review #104

Just me again this week as Murr is still sunning it up on holiday! I also think that this is our two year anniversary – which is pretty darn cool!

Over the last week I’ve actually been putting quite a bit of time in playing on my PC. There are a number of reasons for this. 1, I picked up a few new games on the cheap on steam, 2, I started a new YouTube channel. Now, some people might wonder why I did this seeing as we – as GSRR, already have a channel. Well my thinking was that my personal channel would be a place for me to post things like Let’s Plays and other random videos that have my personality on them, where as the blogs channel will remain a place for other types of videos – I’m thinking more like reviews etc… We don’t do many reviews at the moment, and that’s down to a number of reasons, but we would really like to start doing more, and video reviews, I think would be a good way to go.

So if you want to, go and check out my channel and maybe subscribe too! It’s named after my gaming ‘persona’ Hudson – which I adopted from Bill Paxtons character in Aliens many, many years ago.

Ok, enough of that, let’s talk about some games and what I’ve been playing over the last week.

Firstly I’ve been playing kingdom. I only saw this pop up last week just before it released and thought it looked great.

Kingdom is a 2D sidescrolling strategy/resource management hybrid with a minimalist feel wrapped in a beautiful, modern pixel art aesthetic. Play the role of a king or queen atop their horse and enter a procedurally generated realm primed to sustain a kingdom, then toss gold to peasants and turn them into your loyal subjects in order to make your kingdom flourish. Protect your domain at night from the greedy creatures looking to steal your coins and crown, and explore the nearby, mysterious forests to discover curious and cryptic artifacts to aid your kingdom.

I’ve only put in an hour or so, maybe a little less at the moment, but its certainly a very cool concept. I will definitely be playing it more this coming week.

Another new game that popped on to Steam was Noct – again I’d heard nothing about it until last week. It’s just come out on Early Access and it’s fantastic.

It’s a 2-D top down, multiplayer, survival, horror type shooter game. It looks amazing and has an awesome atmosphere to it too. It’s also pretty damn scary – it made me swear quite a lot whilst I was playing it. I’ve started a let’s play on my channel for it too!

I’ve recently jumped back on to DayZ as well. I’ve not played it in a long time. But my regular group of PC players were all up for a session over the weekend and I was on board!

Since the last time I played, they’ve taken zombies out of the game. It’s a bit of an odd choice seeing as it’s a zombie survival game, but apparently it was having a big impact on the performance of the games.

Our group managed to get pretty well geared up, and we were all meeting up in Cherno. Naturally things never go quite to plan when a group of you try to meet up. The server we were playing on was pretty full up, and we ended up encountering a lot of action in Cherno.


Geared up and ready to fight!

We were also playing on a night time server which was a lot of fun. Out of five of us only one made it out alive and I’m still not sure how many groups of players we were up against. Maybe it was two, or maybe it was just one large well coordinated group. Either way I still had a blast.

DayZ is still a game that offers unique adventures every time. There are other games that do similar things like H1Z1 for example, but I just don’t feel that they quite match the experiences of DayZ – well not from what I’ve played anyway.

Sure it’s buggy as hell, poorly optimised and might never be finished. But it’s still a fantastic experience when you throw yourself in to a full server.

I’ve also been playing Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide. If you don’t know what it is, think Left 4 Dead, set in the Warhammer world. It’s a 4 player co-op, action, hack and slash. It’s hella good fun too. Vermintide 1

So far I’ve only played the first level, which is the same as what I played at EGX and during the beta. But I swear it feels more difficult than before as we struggled to get through the level on normal and even on easy. I’m guessing it was just that we weren’t used to our characters that much. Because I played it again last night and got through the level with minimal fuss after learning how to use my character a little better.

Vermintide 2

I’ve mostly played the Waywatcher so far, but I’ve also tried out the Empire Solider and the Dwarf. I think the Waywatcher has been my favourite, but the Empire Solider is a pretty good tank class from what I played. He is good for soaking up some damage on his shield.

I really can’t wait to play it some more and it’s a game that I’m thinking of doing a play through of on my channel, so keep an eye out for it if you’re interested.

That’s been my hectic week/weekend of gaming, and wasn’t actually all I played. I’ve also been on Rocket League and CS:GO – with the former being hugely fun and the latter being hugely frustrating.

Finally, over the weekend we got a nomination for the ‘One Lovely Blog’ award from fellow blogger Dan the Nerd Guy, so thank you so much for that!

Now to go and get ready for Halo 5! HYPE!




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