Nintendo News – Zelda & NX 2017 Release


For those of you that might have been anticipating purchasing Nintendo’s next console / handheld (what is it?) at the end of 2016, you will have to wait a little bit longer as today they dropped bombs that have been a huge discussion point online. First up…

Nintendo NX To Launch March 2017

Nintendo’s next thing the NX will not be launching in 2016. It is instead confirmed for a March 2017 release. Wow, bombshell one. This winter will see the release of PSVR and could potentially see the release of PS4K and Xbox1.5, so already Nintendo could potentially be playing catch up (or still trying to catch up with PS4 / XboxOne… What generation does WiiU fall into and NX fall into?) Much discussion across the internet is that Nintendo are holding back the NX further to beef it up to be more comparable to the all but confirmed PS4K and Xbox1.5.

Nintendo NX will NOT be revealed at E3 2016

WHAT? So, you’re not going to show off your new console at the industries biggest and most exposed expo. We will very much see it at E3 2017, but that’s months after it’s supposed launch. So what are they playing at? A specific NX Direct? Reveal at another show like TGS? It’s certainly a bizarre and questionable move. Nintendo have confirmed that E3 2016 will very much be about showcasing Zelda and not the NX.

98ekVzF - Imgur

But it’s okay, as least we’ll have Zelda in 2016….Oh

Zelda Releasing in 2017

Yup, the new Zelda title is releasing in 2017 now. It’s still coming for WiiU but is also coming to NX. Nintendo have also confirmed that Zelda will be the ONLY playable game at E3 2016.

Zelda Art

Speaking of Zelda, here’s official art work that’s just released of the next Zelda.



Nintendo’s Next Mobile Phone Games

And to wrap up a whirlwind of emotions, Nintendo have confirmed that the next 2 titles to transition to mobile phone gaming will be Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem.



What are your thoughts on these shocking confirmations? Have much hope for Nintendo for the remainder of 2016? Especially with WiiU production officially stopping this year. We’re all left wondering…Why?

– Murr

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