Geekly Review #183

Time to check in and see what we’ve been playing recently!

Hollow Knight

A few weeks back I picked up Hollow Knight and talked about it in the Geekly Review briefly. Well I’ve been putting a bit more time in to the game and I have to say that it’s quickly becoming one of my favourite games of this year.

I’ve beaten my first boss – the False Knight and a few other smaller boss type characters or sub bosses I guess you might call them. This has now taken me to a new area called Green Path, which is filled with lush looking plant life. It’s distinctly different in look and has some extra touches to make it different to play. Obviously there are also a how load of new enemy types too.

So far the game seems to have nailed the balance of it being difficult enough to provide a challenge, but not too frustratingly hard. A couple of the tougher enemies have provided me with a good fight, but once I understand their movements and attacks they can be fairly simple enough to take down – providing you have the reaction times to do it!

I’ve got to the point of my next boss fight – Hornet, but have fallen to her a couple of times, although I’ve put up a good fight and I think I must have been fairly close to beating her.

Exploration is something that I really love in the game, there are so many branching paths to take with secrets and bosses to discover along the way. As it stands I’m finding it hard to find negatives about the game, everything about it from the world created, the characters, visuals, sound and gameplay is all wonderful.

Dirty Bomb

Randomly I jumped back on to Dirty Bomb this weekend. I haven’t played it in months, but got a bit of an urge to have a play to see what’s changed since I last played.

Dirty Bomb is a free to play competitive FPS, it can be a little grindy with the unlocks – but what F2P games aren’t. But overall I’ve always thought it was a solid and enjoyable game.

It doesn’t seem like much has really changed – but I only managed to get in a few rounds, so might have missed some bits. But I was quickly back to grips with it all and performing fairly well for my team which was nice! As far a F2P games go, I actually think Dirty Bomb is one of the better ones.

For me, it kind of reminds me of Overwatch in that it’s class based and there are multiple characters all with their own unique abilities and gun sets, which means you can generally find someone you like. The only problem is that you can’t play them all at once, as you have to either pay money or in game credits to unlock them. You get a couple to start with and they rotate others every month or so I think. So if you dip in and out, chances are you will eventually get to have a go with all and can then decide which ones to unlock.

Little Nightmares

I’m still making my way through Little Nightmares and I’m absolutely loving it so far. It’s super creepy, but really good. If you like, you can watch my play through so far on my YouTube channel!

Destiny 2

Not something that I’ve been playing – obviously, but the gameplay reveal for Destiny 2 is this week – Thursday at 5pm UK to be exact and I have to say that I’m rather excited about it.

Recently I’ve been pretty disillusioned to AAA games, in a lot of cases I feel like the market for them is very stale and I haven’t really felt that excited for many games that have come out and I’m not really anticipating many either. But Destiny 2 is the one game that I am very much looking forward to.

We probably need more Cayde!

With the game only 4 months away, I’m expecting to get a good chunk of a reveal, with dates for the Beta to be announced too. I’m hoping that we get to see some new areas, new classes and maybe a mission. There will probably be a nice cinematic trailer to accompany it all too.


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