Games I can’t wait to play Part IV

As you can probably guess from the number of this post, I’ve already done a few of these posts before. The idea is that I want to showcase a few games that I think look really good and that you potentially may not have heard of.

Normally I write about the games, but this time its a video!!

Games in this video include:-


As action RPG shown at E3 this year!

Abandon Ship

A game we’ve shown a little on here before where you sail around the seas taking on quests and fight with other ships.

Deep Rock Galactic

A co-op shooter where you mine through caves taking on bugs and look for gold and stuff.

Frost Punk

The next game from the guys behind This War of MIne, Frost is a survival city builder that looks very interesting.

Unruly Heroes

Gorgeous looking action platformer that you can play with your friends!

Unto the End

A dark and grim tale of loss and vengeance.

Personally, I’m super excited to see more of all of these games and get some hands on time with them!





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