Geekly Review #231

It’s a new week, that means it’s time to check in on what we’ve been playing.

Destiny 2

If you still follow Destiny news at all you will have probably heard that the new expansion and season 3 update is due to drop on 8th May, just over a week away.

The latest expansion takes us back to Mars, but not the same area from Destiny 1, it’s a whole new area on a different part of the red planet and it will focus on the warmind Rasputin. I’d kind of stopped playing Destiny 2 a few weeks after the last expansion released as I’d just got a little bored of it and it was lacking in some end game stuff to do. But hopefully as of next week some of that should be sorted out with new PVP competitive modes, new PVE end game activity called Escalation Protocol which is kind of horde mode with some objectives to complete, it sounds good and challenging, new raid lair and a lot of other additions and changes. Personally I think all the additions sound great and I’m actually looking forward to jumping back in and getting back on the grind.

I said last year that Destiny 2 was my favourite game of the year and I stand by the fact that I had a lot of fun playing it and that it’s always been fun. The problem for me was just the lack of end game stuff and some questionable quality of life things that should’ve been in from the start. But it seems that D2 is starting to do a D1 and turn the game around, let’s just hope it’s not too little too late.

With that in mind, the last week or so I’ve been slowly getting back in to Destiny 2 and playing it here and there. I jumped in to some Iron Banner which brought back 6 vs 6 and it was good fun. Mostly I just wanted to try and get my rank up a bit as I’m now lagging behind slightly and the expansion will increase the power level cap even more.


Last week saw the release of Frostpunk, the next game from This War of Mine creators 11 Bit Studios. Frostpunk is a survival, strategy, city building game where you are the leader of the last city on earth and must rebuild civilisation in harsh and hostile conditions. I’ve been following Frostpunk pretty closely for a while now and it’s been a game I’ve really wanted to try out and I have to say that early impressions of the game are good. It looks great, sounds great and plays nicely too. I can already see that there will be some tough decisions ahead with the ability to sign laws like Child Labour, 24 hour working etc… I’m only an hour or so in but from what I’ve seen from the city building side of things it seems like there is loads to learn and create.

Heat is obviously one of the biggest factors in the game, so ensuring that you heat buildings properly is critical as some simply won’t operate without the right heating to them.

I’ve started playing it on my Youtube channel if you want to check it out!



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