Geekly Review #276

It’s a bit of a quiet week this week in terms of what we’ve been up to. Stupid being adults…

Battlefield Bad Company

So I’ve had an urge as of late to replay some classics from the previous generation again, or in some cases for the first time. There’s a few on the radar like the Bioshock series or Metro series (Both of which I’ve not played). But there are others that I played on X360 and have wanted to revisit. Sadly my X360 is packed up in one of my many gaming archive boxes in the loft with my collection built up over the years (who knew you’d need so much space to work from home?) But I have kept my PS3 out as a blu-ray player. With that said, off to CEX I trot and pick up Bad Company 1 and 2 for 75p each for PS3. Bargain.

So I begin as you do with 1. One thing I forget is how muddy? I guess is the correct terminology, Bad Company is. It’s all very brown and dirty, but then thinking back, that generation as a whole was somewhat renowned as a muddy game generation, there were a few lists and complaints about it not that long ago.

Aside from this though, It takes me time to switch to the dual shock 3 thumb sticks and triggers. My first foray into the game is quite embarrassing as I tally my health kit and grenade launcher from pressing the incorrect trigger buttons rather than aiming down the site and shooting.

Switch to a few hours later and I’ve completed the first 3 chapters on easy. Right I’m adjusted and ready to play. So I restart the game, only on normal difficulty, but yes, at least this way I get trophies.

The first level that felt so easy on easy (duh) suddenly comes alive on the 2nd play through on increased difficulty. I use the grenade launcher attachment a lot more as I look to destroy buildings with enemies hiding in rather than just storming the buildings and being the solo hero taking everyone out.

The battles are more intense, the gun fire sound effects are more apparent and echo across the levels as increased fire from B Company against more intense A.I kicks in.

When I initially restarted the game on easy, and after 3 levels In I was in a state of thinking, should I have left this game and the fondness I had for it in memories and not replayed it. You know? How replaying beloved games years later takes the magic you remember about it away. Well it would seem just a step up in difficulty made me forget this and fully appreciate the battles that develop as the levels progress. The intensity from just moving to normal made for the large areas and skirmishes with enemy forces much more enjoyable and exciting.

So purchased redeemed, £1.50 was not wasted it seems.


Just as dull colour palette wise as I remember it, but also just as fun

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