The Future of Destiny

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  1. I think they’re making a good change, but I don’t think they’re going to be able to keep this going forever. It seems like the scope they’re aiming for requires a design more akin to a game like WoW, where the game data is stored primarily on the servers, rather than the client side. I don’t know the feasibility of making that change now, considering it would probably require completely reworking the entire architecture of the game.

    That said, I love that they’re making such sweeping changes after getting away from Activision. I just wish that didn’t mean I could miss out on content because I haven’t played for a while.

    1. willgsrr says:

      It does sound like the architecture of the game just wont suit this model. Activison wanted sequels which would probably have led to a complete reset again this year.
      I hope it works out ok and I’m looking forward to seeing the expansions. I just hope they can strike a good balance with legacy stuff.

      1. They could probably benefit from moving to a new title, like a Destiny sequel of sorts that functions more like an MMO. I know they’ve said they haven’t wanted to classify Destiny as an MMO, but that’s really how the franchise would shine.

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