Geekly Review #243

It’s a short one this week mainly because I’m only playing Destiny 2… I can’t help it, I’m just hooked on it.

Destiny 2

It’s now less than an month until the next expansion for Destiny 2 – Forsaken, comes out. To see out the final year Bungie have given the players a whole new load of things do grind out for in the Solstice of Heroes event that is running for the whole month of August.

In this event we have got the addition of ‘Moments of Triumph’ something that has made a return from Destiny 1, although in a slightly different form. Previous we had what was essentially a record book that we could work through to tick off a load of activities like completing raids etc… This time around they work a little more like a bounty. We pick up the Triumphs and you can work towards completing them each one will give you a certain number of points and when you reach certain point totals you will unlock additional loot. It’s quite the grind and one I don’t see myself completing as there are things on there that I know I just won’t get around to do doing, like finishing the raids.

Another part of the update has given players a new way to grind for some good armour. Essentially you get given the starter green armour once again and each piece has its own objectives to complete like completing heroic public events, once you complete all pieces you upgrade it to blue. You then have another round of objectives to complete in order to upgrade it to purple. After purple you can start to work towards getting each piece to a masterworks level. The great thing about this great is that whilst it’s fairly long – it took me roughly 5-6 hours to do all the green level armour tasks, is that at the end of it you get armour at 400 power level guaranteed, so there is a great reward for doing it.

Five of the original campaign levels have been reworked for the event too and make up part of your objectives. Each level has basically been made a little harder to complete – although not that difficult, I’ve managed to do them all solo, you just have to take your time a little more in certain sections. Spark has been a particular highlight for me and most of the Destiny community, if you’re playing or planning on playing I won’t spoil why though. It’s been really nice to see these missions getting a bit of treatment to basically make them a heroic version and I definitely think this is Bungie trying out some new things to see how people react.

I’ve been really enjoying playing Destiny this week feeling like every time I logged on to play I had something to work towards. There was a sense of satisfaction knowing that I was making progress with every activity and game mode I was playing. In the last couple of weeks with the Whisper exotic quest and now this event Bungie have been doing a great job of making interesting content that’s fun to play, but not really easy or that feels too grindy for the reward.

I know Destiny 2 was a step backwards in a lot of ways when it first launched, but it was still a good game that provided me and my friends with a lot of fun. I for one am excited going in to year two!



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