PlayStation State of Play Summary

What seemed to come off the back of Sony fans questioning just when are Sony going to talk and hype up some games if they don’t have an E3 presence, Sony responded with a confirmation that they would be airing a PlayStation State of Play on March 25th. What can only be likened to a Nintendo Direct, although we have no idea of the scale of what will be discussed here. Expectations should be kept to a minimum.

That said, here’s a round up of Sony’s first PlayStation State of Play:

As is tradition with PlayStation press conferences or events, It was late to start.

Straight into a trailer to start this State of Play off, it first looks like we’re getting a look at Square-Enix Avengers game, but it’s not, It’s Iron Man VR coming out in 2019.

Next up another look at Crash Team Racing. Due out 21st June.

Another update and look at No Man’s Sky and it’s Beyond Update. PlayStation VR support include and it’s a free update.

A new game from Robot Entertainment. It’s called Readyset Heros and it’s just been announced. It looks pretty much like Castle Crashers that we reviewed last year. A twist though, you are against another team across online or split screen multiplayer. Due to hit in 2019.

PlayStation VR game Blood and Truth. Coming out May 28th.

Next up a highlight reel of PSVR 2019 titles, the games are…

Mini-Mech Mayhem
Jupiter & Mars
Falcon Age
Trover Saves the Universe
Everybody’s Golf VR
Table of Tales
Vacation Simulator

Up next a Devolver Digital Game, A science fiction thriller. A nice twist, you apparently aren’t on the space station in this game, you are the space station. It’s called Observation on 21st May 2019.

Next up a frightening new instalment in a fan favourite series. Five Nights at Freddies VR. Coming Spring 2019.

Concrete Genie is up next, been looking forward to seeing this one again. It’s coming out in Fall 2019 and will feature a VR mode.

Onto a game out soon Days Gone. Just one month away. We get a new gameplay trailer.

Another update on Mortal Kombat 11 next. Coming out on 23rd April.

That’s a wrap on the first State of Play. More are promised throughout the year.

Not bad at all, as warned, expectations were low so this wasn’t a bad little update with some nice release dates, updates and new announcements.

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