E3 2016 – The Leaks and Preshow Confirmations


Well this time next week we would be dissecting the majority of the E3 conferences, re-watching trailers and coming down from the announcements.

But like most years, around this time, the leaks start to surface and other game announcements are made so that they aren’t lost in the clutter of the main show announcements. Here we thought we’d round up the leaks and confirmations prior to the main show next week.


Rockstar Games looking to crash the Internet

Last year the year of dreams, the holy trinity, the trifecta was completed. Shenmue III, Final Fantasy Remake and The Last Guardian. But we’re always wanting more, never satisfied. So 2016 is year of dreams 2.0. What games can possibly compete with last year. Well Half Life 3, Crash Bandicoot and Agent.

One of these is likely, one of them will more than likely never see the light of day, and the final one we thought was canned and never to be seen. Agent. Until…


Yes, the application for use of Agent was renewed on 1st June. This announcement alone from Rockstar would be unbelievable. But maybe there’s more?

Earlier in the year a map leaked of a supposed Red Dead sequel. We’re expecting a sequel because it seems kind of inevitable, but now steam is picking up we could see the sequel to Red Dead at E3 2016. As-well as possibly a remaster of Red Dead Redemption. Then this screenshot started doing the rounds. The hype remains strong with Rockstar this year.


Supposed screenshot of RDR Remaster or Sequel

Bethesda to drop bombs

Bethesda have their own show in the early hours UK time Sunday. Last year the brought Fallout 4 to the world. This year there are rumours circulating of plenty more new announcements. The names Prey 2, Evil Within 2 & Wolfenstien 2 have all been heavily rumoured to be shown on the weekend. And a remaster of the 2011 blockbuster Skyrim is also being mentioned for a reveal to. Quite the impressive lineup, We’ll see how far from the truth this is Monday morning.

Capcom Zombie XboxOne Exclusive

Don’t get to far ahead of yourselves, It’s not Resident Evil 7, although this is also very much expected to be revealed at E3 2016, but the sequel to XboxOne launch title Dead Rising. Dead Rising 4 is looking likely to hit the Microsoft stage.

dr4 dr42


Confirmations Pre-E3

And now to the confirmations.

Final Fantasy XII Remaster for PS4

Yup, the Square-Enix / Final Fantasy & PS4 relationship continues as Square confirmed FFXII HD remaster will be hitting the PS4 in 2017.


Watch_Dogs 2 For 2016

Initially started with a picture of a Rayban glasses case with Watch_Dogs2 logo on it, but now much more official. IGN dropped the ball and uploaded a site banner with Watch_Dogs 2. This banner revealed the rumoured main protagonist, the background looks like San Fransisco confirming a new city, and finally the date of 15th November 2016. Watch_Dogs 2 premier trailer is expected tomorrow.



Agents of Mayhem – New “AAA” game revealed by IGN

An official reveal this time from IGN, Violations new single player game only. Agents of Mayhem


Telltale Games will spoil us in 2016

The announced Batman game from Telltale will be premiering this summer, and season 3 of Walking dead will be out “this fall” (Autumn to us Brits).



Delays Delays Delays

And saddening news to come before E3 for many. Guerilla games epic looking PS4 exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn is delayed to February 28th 2017, and Persona fans hoping to play Persona 5 this year will have to wait till February 14th 2017. Boo for delays!


There’s likely to be plenty more leaks and confirmations in the build up to E3, but that’s a wrap of the latest, aside from the obvious new consoles and wildest speculation rumours.

Keep in the E3 mood by checking out our predictions for Sony, Microsoft, Ubisoft and EA.

– Murr

4 thoughts on “E3 2016 – The Leaks and Preshow Confirmations

  1. Tell Tale launching *another* franchise then? Do you think they’re going to fix the broken game engine any time soon? Also,, until tell-tale announce they have a neat way of porting my 360 save data over to PS4, I’m out. As much as I loved Walking dead season 1, and stuck with season 2 (despite my dislike for Kenny), there’s no way I’m going to be playing season 3 on the 360, a good chunk of the quicktime events were made much more frustrating than they should be because of how long it took the game to catch up with itself. I also don’t want to play the game with a randomly generated list of choices if I play Season 3 on the PS4

    • It seems to me, that Telltale aren’t really that bothered about the game engine. It’s always been buggy and people have always talked about it being buggy, but they don’t seem to change it.
      I feel the same, I don’t really want to go back to my 360 for Season 3. Even if they could just add an option at the beginning to input your previous choices, I’d be ok with that if they can’t do a full save port.

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